opinions needed on aigner purses

  1. :confused1: hi everyone!this is my first thread and i hope you'll forgive me if this has been discussed before but i tried looking for it (i suck at searching by the way:cursing: )

    here in malaysia aigner bags are quite pricy and considered designer.i go on eBay and find it sold at less than 50.my question to the bag experts here re:
    * are they good buys in terms of quality workmanship?
    *is the leather good like coach or other more famous brands?
    *should i buy cole haan village bucket tote or just save up for the coach of my dreams?

    thanks so much in advance:okay:
  2. I think they are great quality, love their shoes too. I don't have any, but have a friend who loves the purses and picks them up for a steal on eBay. The brand is completely unknown in the US as far as bags are concerned anyway, which probably explains the prices on eBay.
  3. I think I would get the Cole Haan....you can never ever beat their quality because the leather, hardware, and stitching is awesome. I used to buy Aigner waaaaaay back in the 80's when they were only made of leather and you could only get limited colors (oxblood and black). At the time, they were considered a higher-end bag sold in limited stores. Now, it seems as though everyone is carrying them, and I don't care for the quality anymore, since they have been using vinyl. That is my opinion. The leather is not as good as coach, either.
  4. I had an Aigner bag and boots way back in the 80's but don't think I'd buy now. I just haven't seen any new bags from this line. Oh, I do love the Cole Haan Village tote.
  5. I bought an Aigner leather bag earlier this year at a steal of a price....It's a cute bag, but I'm not pleased with the quality. The strap started to tear a bit near the hardware.

    I love Cole Haan. The quality is far more superior. In the long run, Cole Haan is the better buy.
  6. thanks so much everyone.i did get 1 aigner on ebay for a steal so when i receive i'll let you know how that goes.as for for the cole haan?well...i'm all for instant gratification and i am just dying to get my hand on it.the trouble with me is i'm always always going for black or brown..i need to branch and get colours.
  7. I was into Aigner back in the 80's. I still have a leather belt that I wore then and it still looks great. I had Aigner Wallets and Purses and really liked them. The styles I see are a little too conservative for me now but the prices are great on Ebay and I think they have some classy looking stuff.