Opinions needed on 2 or 3 wedding ring stack!

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458694599.341464.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1458694608.842464.jpg

    I recently wore my thin wedding band on my left hand with e-ring above on same finger. And my bigger diamond eternity was worn alone on my right ring finger. My friend thought it was silly and I should stack all 3 together. Please tell me what you think looks better - just the 2 or all 3 on same finger. Thanks so much!
  2. I prefer 2 instead of 3. I would have said 3 if all of them are the thin bands.
  3. Thanks. I have 2 other thin bands by hidalgo. Do you think the e-ring sandwiched between 2 thin bands would look ok - if bands are similar but not identical?
  4. 2 thin bands would look pretty imo
  5. Your original way ... On two hands!
  6. agreed
  7. i like it with 2 bands together, it looks really good that way
  8. I like the look with just two, and normally I am a "the more the better" type. Really beautiful either way though, love.
  9. Thanks so much Cmward! You are first to say it is beautiful! I received it last year and I'm not always certain it will be my forever ring. I think someday I might like a 1.5 carat stone. Maybe for a 30th anniversary since paying for 3 kids in college on my 25th anniversary!
  10. Your e-ring is beautiful...let it shine! I love the symmetry if the 2 bands.
  11. I too love the 2 bands on one hand with the anniversary band on the other hand. Your engagement ring and wedding band are such a lovely twosome and the anniversary band stands well on its own. I think you show off all 3 rings to their best advantage that way. But, as you can see, different people have different preferences. You go with what YOU think looks best as that's all that matters.
  12. Thanks! That is exactly what I will do. 2 on one hand and 1 on the other.
  13. I prefer 2 stacked!
  14. I like the 2 ring stack better.

  15. I like just the two better