Opinions Needed: Minilisa or Boogie Bucket?

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Minilisa or Boogie Bucket

  1. Minilisa! Step outside the "boogie" box!!

  2. Boogie!!! If it ain't broke...

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  1. I know you guys are rolling your eyes like is this really a legitimate vote? Cause I'll just choose the Boogie anyway right? :lol: No seriously I really want to make the right decision! lol So here's the deal...

    I was all set to get the Three Fer when I decided I would rather have an actual full sized bag. So of course I was gonna get the Boogie but then people started posting pics of their Minilisa and I am really liking the modeling shots! So here are my arguments for both

    - Brings more variety to my collection (I have 3 Boogies right now)
    - Highly popular and coveted bag....who knows if it will ever be produced again? Monochromatic....no contrasting trim.

    Boogie Bucket
    - I love the Boogie so I already know it will work for me
    - It has a black trim. Normally it has a brown trim which I do not care for. Should I let this opportunity pass me by?
    - Has silver hardware. I think silver hardware looks best on black bags. I currently only have one black bag and it has gold hardware. The Minilisa has brass hardware.

    Here are pics of both courtesy of MHB:


    So honestly what do you guys think? I don't want to get the Minilisa just because of all the hype. I mean I really want to love the bag. However at the same time I don't want to get the Boogie because I am so comfortable with the bag style and miss out on getting a really great unique bag. So which one? And both is definitely not an option. I'm supposed to be on a ban! :P
  2. oi! tough decision! I totally adore the black on black for the boogie this season.... and I totally love the silver hardware. If the minilisa had silver hardware I would say go for it but I'm almost leaning more towards a boogie! HMMMM ponder ponder ponder....
  3. I'm so in love with the looks of the Minilisa that no other bag will do at this moment!
  4. I am desperately torn with a similar decision. And it is the brass hardware on the Minilisa that is making it tougher for me, too. When I read your question, I immediately thought, "Definitely get the Minilisa!" But after looking at the side-by-side, I am torn. I cannot believe I am going to say this to someone who already has 3 Boogies, but I actually prefer the Boogie in black. In a color, I think I'd prefer the Minilisa.
  5. Believe me I have been going back and forth about this to the point that it is driving me crazy! :nuts: I have never owned four of the same bag before. Well once, but it was a small "pochette" style and I eventually sold two of them. I don't know...is four excessive? I mean I've always been on the eccentric side.... :P
  6. you know I did go back and forth, and I decided not to go w/ the minilisa, i figured out i was just going w/ the hype and ended up not really ok w/ the bag. On the other hand, i have 3 boogies.... go figure and i am hoping to get 3 more - its just the perfect bag for me...
  7. yeah, the brass just didnt do it for me... after having so much coach and all of their brass for the past couple of years...
  8. You know, it really is a tough call. I voted for the minilisa just because you already have three Boogies....but I think I actually prefer the Boogie in black. Hmmm....I just don't know. Can you sell another Boogie and get the black Boogie and the Minilisa in a color other than black?? That's not very helpful of me, is it???
  9. check out getting warmer in all black!! Its my new favorite!!!

    Hmm... id say give minilisa a try... as long as its refundable!
  10. maybe wait and see if the "available next week" comes out. that
    is my sneak-peak favorite. i think i may be going for the record of
    buying the most tano bags in the shortest amount of time!

    BTW, i had ordered the threefer and found it hung too close/too short
    to the body. Granted my only comparison was the petit larceny.
    i've been using wristlets all summer and i even thought that bag seemed
    small (it sure was cute, though)
  11. I'm not as crazy about the Minilisa for some reason, though it is a very cute bag. BUT, you already have 3 Boogies (not that there's anything wrong with that!). If you think you're getting caught up in the Minilisa hype, check out all the other bags that are/will be available in black first. There might be something that tempts you even more!
  12. Ok, I'm finally voting for the boogie! Side by side I think I like the boogie better as far as the black minilisa is concerned... with a color, I think the minilisa has it hands down though ;)
  13. I think the black Minilisa with the brass hardware gives it a rockstar edge! I love it!
    I've never seen "Prison Break" but when I saw Minilisa, I knew I had to have her!
    I see it this way: regret or remorse.
    Will you regret getting the Minilisa more than feel remorse for missing out?
    I hear remorse is harder to swallow.

    If you're worried about missing out on Silver hardware on the Black Boogie, then maybe you could ask Tano or our in-house expert to see if they'll continue with Silver.

    Maybe you could order both to try them. If you do, I hope you will take lots of pics so we could give you sound advice! ;)
  14. I voted for the Boogie (only because of the silver hardware that you want) but I think you ought to try the black French Nanny. I think the pictures of it look great with the black on black and it has silver. I love my 2 French Nannys as much as my 2 Boogies.
  15. I vote for the tried and true boogie of the two. The minilisa just didn't work for me with the brass. As TE said take a look at the new getting warmer, it looks awesome!