Opinions Needed! MC Sneakers or MC Sandals????

I'd go with the sandals...no need to feel bad though, I am sure plenty of people have bought something hoping they could pull it off and couldn't. At least it isn't to late to get your money back and get something you really love.
I never wear sneakers either, Kathy! I say return them and get a bag. Although I do hear that the mules are quite comfortable, I've had a bad experience with LV shoes and now I avoid them altogether. I can't ever imagine wearing a MC bag with sneakers, I would feel odd. JMHO.
Rebecca had those I believe and she returned them, said they hurt?

Well either choice I like so you cant go wrong, I guess if you dont wear sneakers that much, you dont need a $500.00 even if they are LV...

like for me, I am a tennis shoe/sneaker FREAK! I dont wear loafers or anything else, sometimes sandals, so a loafer would be a waste for me, even though it may be LV!

I have the wedges..they kill. I think I've only worn them about 3 times..I DID wear them with a pastel orange James Perse top, white pants and my white MC pochette and they looked cute. I think if you do a SMALL bag, it looks ok but with a bigger bag, it's a bit too much.

As for the shoes, they're ok. I'd go with a pair of sandals though..the tennis shoes aren't MY favorite ones but go with what YOU like..if you like them, keep them!
What's with the hating? :P I loveeeeeee those sneakers, I would wear them and prefer them over heels/sandals....maybe because I just love dressing casual. I think you should keep the sneakers if you have a whole closet of heels/sandals, you never know they may come in handy one day :yes: