Opinions Needed! MC Sneakers or MC Sandals????

  1. After the persistance of DD, I ordered these MC sneakers :wtf: . They came today & fit perfectly. :love: They are the last pair of MC ones in my size. My problem is that I never wear sneakers! I have one pair of leopard Cole Hann that I've worn a few times in 2 years. However, they are very comfortable! Please help me decide. Do you like them? :shrugs: Honestly? Or should I return them for the MC sandals, either the shorter heels or platform? Please tell which one & why. Thank you so much. I took a pic with my new fringe speedy. Is that too much MC? Paired with white shirt/jeans??

  2. LOVE THOSE! if I wasnt a size 13 I would wear those!
  3. how much were they? i love them! I missed out on the mens MC chrono shoes!! DAMN!
  4. I'd definitely return those MC sneakers,they look like something a clown would wear,sorry :yucky:.Pairing them with the that bag is overkill without a doubt.
  5. Wow! lol. Well, these are the only 8 1/2 left in the country.
  6. Well I wouldnt do the mc bag and shoes at once but the shoes are so cool!
  7. Appreciate your opinion. That's why I started the thread. Just don't think they're me. I wouldn't have to wear them with a MC bag though.
  8. I think with the right outfit and a solid color bag you would be OK. I'm not really diggin the shoes, though. I would say return them for something you'll wear more often. If you're second guessing your purchase now, you'll probably just end up selling them at a loss later.
  9. What mc sandals were u lookin at? i can think of 3 pairs...
  10. $500.
  11. this is one pair. the other has a shorter heel, no platform
  12. My opinion, definately MC sandals! I had a pair of white MC heels and loved them!
  13. Rebecca had those I believe and she returned them, said they hurt?

    Well either choice I like so you cant go wrong, I guess if you dont wear sneakers that much, you dont need a $500.00 even if they are LV...

    like for me, I am a tennis shoe/sneaker FREAK! I dont wear loafers or anything else, sometimes sandals, so a loafer would be a waste for me, even though it may be LV!
  14. I feel like a dork now. :shame:
  15. i say return them for another bag. though i love shoes, i can't imagine stepping on so much money.