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  1. The price is pretty good, but suede is extremely hard to take care of; I had a coach gallery tote with only some suede parts on it, and I found it picked up dirt quite quickly. As you can see in the picture, the green suede fringe has become a little dirty (you can tell by comparing the inside suede color to the outside), but the price is really good. It's about what matter to you more in the end, let us know what you decide.
  2. About suede, I have a tan YSL nadja bag and it's pretty tough to keep clean. I love my bag though so it's worth it!
  3. hey thats one of our PF members auction! she also listed this on market place. check it out... as she is also selling some bbags!
  4. thanks for the opinion! i was thinking abt that since its suede. i do have a fendi suede tote and one day i was wearing a white tank and the side where my bag is was tainted with the fuschia color from the bag so i am considering this purchase carefully and yes i also saw her post here :smile:

    i have to start telling myself not to get tempted with good deals. this attitude of mine sucks :smile:
  5. Are you in love with the fringe? I was going to suggest that perhaps you look into getting a regular leather weekend bag. Suede is very difficult to take care of, especially that much suede.
  6. It's a really sexy bag, but I passed on it because it was suede. And the tassles seem delicate too. Still, if you love it, don't pass it up!
  7. it's my auction!;) the bag in great condition and it's not dirty, and Oh you're from the Philippines too? were you the one who sent me sms?:shame: ;)
  8. ^you have a nice bag.
  9. awww thanks:love: :shame:
  10. Awesome, informative thread. I was wondering about suede as well.

    Beautiful bag, inside and out! LOVE the lining.