Opinions Needed... Gucci Signoria Large v Medium Hobo

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Gucci Signoria LARGE v MEDIUM... which would you choose?

  1. Signoria LARGE

  2. Signoria MEDIUM

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  1. Hi everyone...

    I bought the Signoria in the large and medium sizes. I need to return one of them. They are both in Ivory color (or whatever Gucci likes to call it) and will be my only purse in this color. Can you please help me choose which one to keep?

    BTW, I got the large one first. It's very beautiful in the ivory color but I have not used it yet because I'm too afraid of stains, color transfer, or just plain dirt getting onto it. I thought it was quite large and figured the medium may be more manageable in terms of size and keeping it clean. But now I have the medium in my hands, I'm a bit conflicted. It could be a tad too small. I like the design on the large, although not crazy about the lack of some closure mechanism. I like that the medium hobo zips close.

    So now that I've probably gotten you all dizzy with my going back and forth... please tell me what you think? :confused1:

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  2. I have the medium and it is the right size for me, and I am a tall girl .
  3. I think that the large one is much cuter. That may be because I am partial to having larger bags, but that's just me, LOL!
  4. Thank you so much Cosmopolitan, queen.asli, and jen6292! :ty: I really appreciate your comments. So far, large hobo has an edge (by 1) over the medium and I am still undecided! :thinking:
  5. I like the look of the large one, but if you could post modeling pics, that might help us choose. I think the large has enough slouchiness to it closure may not be an issue. Both are beautiful bags, you can't go wrong. .....Ok, so I'm not much help?!
  6. Large
  7. I think it's obvious which I prefer... ;)

    (see the above pic of me and my red Signoria posted by Cosmopolitan)
  8. ^^I'm loving the larger one!
  9. Charmed05... eek... no modelling pics from me! I don't want to scare tPFers off the forum :throwup:! Seriously, I thought of doing just that, but with a different subject of course - my daughter. BUT she has a big mouth (she's 11) and might (i mean will) blab about my new purses to daddy. the horror! :lecture:

    Beljwl: Yup, looks like Large is here to stay! Maybe I'll bring the keeper Gucci if I am able to go to the upcoming tPF meets. :smile:

    whoville! absolutely gorgy! the red is stunning on the gucci. Goodness, I saw one today at Saks and I had to do a doubletake to check which bag that red one was! Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be the very bag I'm contemplating on returning. Geez... maybe I have this all wrong. Maybe I should just chuck both these ivories out and start looking for color! Congratulations on your beautiful bag!!!
  10. Love the color and I also agree on the Large!!!

  11. I think either would look great.....please let us know which you choose.