opinions needed for wallet purchase


which wallet?

  1. Louis Vuitton - Alexandra wallet

  2. Chanel - CC cambon wallet

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. hi guys...

    thanks for dropping by...

    hope this is the right place to post a thread.

    i hv a hard time making a decision... on these 2 wallets :sweatdrop:

    a) Louis Vuitton - alexandra wallet
    b) Chanel - CC cambon wallet

    here are the pictures attached (pardon me... borrowed a couple of pics fr eye candy)

    yr votes & comments will be greatly appreciated...

    million thanks:shame:
    m60083-0.jpg img10122855629.jpg img10122843653.jpg
  2. I think the Chanel is more versitile....and it's a classic, yet fun with the pink on the inside. You get the best of both world's with it :tup:
  3. I like the Chanel because it is thinner- but does it have a place for change??
  4. i'll be afraid to use the LV MC white wallet due to the light color interior (is it vachetta?). though the pop of colors is very stunning and i'll probably be giddy from pure happiness just by looking at it lol.

    i'll get the chanel for practical:smile:.
  5. i voted the LV. it looks like it has more room to put things and the chanel does't look nearly as practical. unless you don't put anything in your wallet besides cash and credit cards, i would say get the LV.
  6. thanks for the reply:smile:

    :yes:there is a zipped coin compartment...
  7. thanks guys :cutesy: u've been of great help!

    & wow...... lots of votes for CC cambon :smile:
    (i love the neat layout of this wallet.. the design is simple and it has a lasting looks. i like the bright pink interior!)

    LV alexandra is pratical and a handy size. (azur daimer or black MC are the ones in mind)
  8. ^ I agree with this, plus the LV is more fun.
    I never liked LV until I joined this forum and now I'm being slowly converted :p
  9. Chanel :tup::tup:
  10. I like the Chanel better. It looks much classier and will be easier to take care of.
  11. I'm gonna have to go with the Chanel too. It's more timeless, IMO.
  12. i love the LV and i have the MC PTI but.... the MC colours are prone to discoloration and finally i got myself a black caiar chanel wallet so i can use the wallet with worry free :p
    so my vote goes for the chanel
  13. I like the layout of the LV better & the size could fit in any purse.
  14. Definetly Chanel.
    It is a timeless classic.
    The style will never date :smile:
  15. I like the Chanel. That pink lining just pops!