Opinions needed for the Reissue Wallet Fall 2007


Feb 14, 2006
Vancouver, Canada
Hey guys! Im doing a little search for my first ever Chanel wallet.
And I need you opinion!

What are your thoughts for the Reissue Wallet?

I saw one last night (in black) at my local boutique and fell in love with it. However, I can't seem to make up my mind due to the price. It was $900 CDN plus 13% tax. (For the checkbook wallet size)

Are they relatively common or hard to find? Im thinking if I should wait another month because I'll be going to Las Vegas for December. I believe there's two stores in Vegas ...one at Wynn and one in Bellagio. And what is the price in the US and what colors do they come in?
And for those who own it, how do you find it?

Any thoughts or opinions would be greatly appreciated!


Working Canvas
Aug 2, 2006
I have it in black. I think I posted pictures in the reference section.

I really like it. I have one complaint, however. My old Chanel wallet had the change section on the outside, which was easier to maneuver than the change part on the inside. Before, I never had to open the wallet to get to my change and I could put a lot more in, without the wallet getting bulky.

It's so beautiful though and I love the look of it. It is holding up very well.

I used some AmEx points/gift card to get the price down.