Opinions Needed For Tano vs. MB Black Satchel Bag! Help!

  1. Hello everyone! Okay, I need opinions. Opinions as to whether it's better to spend $195 on the Tano Sex Bomb in Black with Crunch Leather (shiny, but really cool - but does it look too patent leather and then the shiny silver - is that too biker?) with a snap top closure. Or there's the MB for $50 which is a washed faux leather with a zip top. Both are pretty comparable in terms of size....the MB has open pockets in the front for cell phone, etc., and then the Tano has the snap front pockets. Oh help. I want a black bag in this style and I'm happy I have a choice, but I don't know which is cuter....price doesn't matter. I want the cutest one!!! Help!!!:wtf:
    sexbombBLACKNEW_L.jpg cb4e_1.JPG.jpg
  2. Tano for me....I don't like faux leather no matter what the style! I don't have a Tano but it may be my next bag.
  3. Tano. The rings are edgier, the leather looks better than faux, and it will last much longer. Plus, the buttons on the second one just aren't doing it for me. Tanos have been very popular, and I don't think you would regret having this one.
  4. I would have to agree with cg, real leather is the best bet. I own 3 Tanos and enjoy their edginess and style.

    And that Sex Bomb is the bomb. *s
  5. i like the tano soo much better! I would defintely get the tano! :smile:
  6. Agree with the rest; Tano, definitely. Why spend $50 for faux leather when you can put it towards real leather and a hot looking bag?
  7. I would go with Tano - not only the style is nicer, it would last you longer too - MB bags suck - I bought one before and the buckle for the strap broke the day I took it out! By the way, would you consider this bag too? Its also by Tano but its similar to the MB style - the MB just looks cheap to me - I can't stand it...

    You can click on the pic and it will link you to that page - its the Tano Lip Service - but its brown though

  8. I like the Tano. Faux leather tends to not last as long and for a few extra bucks you know you have real leather.
  9. Tee hee - that's funny you mention that! Tano used to have this bag that I think the MB became or vice versa? My sister has the MB in a saddle brown which in my opinion is really adorable....but I know what you mean about faux leather. I did a double-take though when she walked through the door! I'm like "no way!!! That's faux????" Cute bag. But I get what everyone's saying about the Tano. I have the Tano Jet Setter in Olive Green and I love her. I can stand in front of the mirror and admire how cute the shape is. I don't think we'll ever part!!!:jammin:
    inasnapBRUSCIATONEW_l.jpg TanoGreen.jpg
  10. I love your green Jet Setter!
    I am now very tempted to get one - I know there aren't any more Jet Setters anymore - but Sexbomb still looks enticing!
  11. Hey there - I've actually sold about 5 Sex Bomb Crunches and 3 Jet Setters. The Jet Setters are only good in the dark dark colors because of stainage - the Sex Bombs can take just about anything - just by virtue of that different kind of leather. The Jet Setters that I had was a very cool orange and brown. I've had like all the Sex Bombs - it was a joke. Now I'm looking to just get back my sweetie pie Cobalt Blue. I'm still wondering what I did with my picture I had on my computer of that cute bag.....Must Have Bags doesn't have a stock photo of it yet...:shrugs: Maybe I'll do a google search on it. I don't think you would be disappointed with any of the Tanos. :graucho: Hey!!! If you're really interested in the green Tano, there's one for SALE ON eBay!!! No kidding! Ends in like a day!!! OMG - I'm glad I remembered that!!!!:wlae:
  12. sexbomb for SURE!
  13. Tano. I have a big mushy Tano and I LOVE it. Great for winter and was a weekend/work bag. I used it as a diaper bag too!:drool:
  14. ohmygosh, jchiara, I think I have your orange tano jet setter LOL! I got it from candy, who sold it on eBay...all before I was really into reading all the posts here :p

    Too funny!

    And I vote for the Tano!
  15. the tano is really cute! i'd go for that one.