Opinion's needed for Limited edition reissue 2.55

  1. what's everyone's opinion on this season's limited edition reissue bag? I don't have any reissue in my collection yet, but I know in general reissue bag is resale for less than the classic flap, is it the same for limited edition reissue bag as well? is this color harder to match with casual outfits?
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    Last edited: Sep 24, 2017
    It's all personal choice, but I am not sure that particular pattern would go with multiple outfits.
    Unless it has the animal print effect, which means it goes with everything as it matches nothing.
    Trying it IRL should help.

    Is the fact it is a reissue and you have a gap in your collection a reason to convince yourself to buy it or justifying buying it?

    Or, just go for what makes your heart sing :love:
  3. I find that often when ppl ask this question on resale value it's because they don't love it enough. So in that case I say move on :flowers:
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