Opinions needed for Fall Act 2 Chanel business affinity flap bag

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  1. #1 Aug 31, 2016
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2016
    Wanted to ask everyone what they think of this cross body messenger bag? It is a seasonal piece, $3500. I have not seen the bag in real life only in pictures. I usually baby all my chanels; goal is to find an every day bag that i don't have to worry about too much, is roomy and that the bag itself is not too heavy. Down thing is that the strap is non-adjustable so you can only wrist carry (with top handle) or crossbody. I do have a jumbo, medium, WOC, so if i wanted a shoulder bag im covered any way.

    If anyone has seen this bag in real life please let me know of the structure and if its heavy. My SA said the weight is like a medium boy bag which I find not heavy (I find the jumbo classic lambskin heavy). Anyone thinks this style of bag can last through time? Thanks so much!

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  2. Heyy glad this was brought upi think given that its caviar it seem like a suitable work bag..am also thinking about it. I do like the fact that it can go crossbody! My m/l and large vanity case cant:sad: my only concern is that...given the price, it is probably fabric lined...i prefer my bag lined with leather
  3. I haven't seen this before and I love it!
  4. I absolutely love the handle on this bag. It's so classy! I came close to considering this bag, but the only thing that was stopping me was the non quilted leather against the quilted flap. I didn't think it was too heavy though!
  5. OMG I felt the same way about the non-quilted bottom against the quilted flap!!! but then again, on 2nd thought, I think it gives it a more casual vibe, which would be kind of nice for a work bag. I also think that it's probably a good thing that it's single flap and not lined in leather so that it can be lighter. I find that if the bag is being cross bodied, it's more important to be lighter in weight. having a heavy cross body bag is the worst!!

    so all that is to say that I think this is a really nice casual but elegant work bag option and I loooove how shiny that caviar looks on the one in the photo. I bet it looks real classy when carried by hand too.
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  6. *Updated* pics of inside of bag. Looks leather lined

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  7. I like the zipper pocket in the front, perfect for your phone. Leather lined, a little different with the quilting on the flap but not the body of the bag. I think it's nice.
  8. Oh yay leather lined!
  9. I am also interested in the business affinity series! Would like to see a real life mod photo of the camera case if anyone has it. Thinking about the black or dark pink for a pop of color.
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  10. I would also love to hear more about this business affinity flap or the camera cases from fall act 2!
    From one of the old post on offering at Saks Fall act 2, I saw that there were potentially smaller option from the business affinity line (see pasted excert of buys list below)
    Has anyone seem the small or medium crossbody camera cases?

    Small Crossbody Camera Case – Dark Pink Caviar – LGHW - $3,000
    Small Crossbody Camera Case – Black Caviar – LGHW - $3,000
    Medium Crossbody Camera Case – Beige Caviar – LGHW - $3,200
    Medium Crossbody Camera Case – Black Caviar – LGHW - $3,200

    Medium Top Handle/Cross Body Bag – Beige/Black Sueded Calfskin – LGHW - $3,100
    Large Top Handle/Cross Body Bag – Beige Caviar – LGHW - $3,500
    Large Top Handle/Cross Body Bag – Black Caviar – LGHW - $3,500
    Large Tote Bag – Black Caviar – LGHW - $3,600
  11. IMG_1472755234.210673.jpg
    Someone posted this on the fall act II thread. It appears that the smaller business affinty flap is suede...dust magnet
  12. Thanks for posting this! Very helpful.
    I actually really like the small and medium camera cases.
  13. It's perfect that I found this thread because I was on the fence about getting the business affinity when I went to the boutique a few days ago. I was thinking of getting the classic flap as my first Chanel but I fell inlove with this bag instead. I really like how roomy it is. My iPhone 6 plus can fit the front zippered pocket. My full size Sarah wallet, key holder, and sunglasses can all fit the inside of the bag with a little more room to spare. There is also a pocket at the back of the bag which also fits my iPhone 6 plus. I need opinions on whether this bag would be a great first Chanel bag. Thanks! :smile:
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  14. Thanks for those pics! Can you let us know how tall you are? I'm 5'2 and was concerned taht this bag may be too low on my crossobody
  15. I'm 5'2 1/2" and it sits perfectly on my hip.