Opinions needed for bf's bday pressie!

  1. my boyfriend's bday is coming up in nov.. and we've been together for almost 8 years now .. so i really have no idea what to get for him cause i've ran out of ideas :sweatdrop: .. BUT i was thinking abt the Utah '6 cards and bill holder' wallet.. not sure about the durability though.. has anyone seen it in action? what do you guys think? :smile:
  2. Is his wallet kinda worn out? If so you should get him a wallet! Have you considered a keyring? I like the astropill in mono for guys. (well my bf likes that one best). Congrats for being together for 8 years, that's an achievement!
  3. yeah his wallet is kinda worn out.. i bought him that wallet few years back lol.. thanks:p
  4. A POCHETTE GANGE!!!:heart::heart::heart:(a big present...lol)

    Or...a little present...

    Damier Brazza~~~!!! wallet!!!:graucho:
  5. Do you think he would use a key wallet? I'm getting my DH the Damier 6-key wallet ... they're kinder to pockets than a bunch of keys sloshing around, and he likes the way you can remove one key at a time. Or how about sunglasses, or a belt?
  6. haha madein18 you sound more excited than me lol ! thanks for the suggestions anywayy .. will definitely check out those two .. im a fickle minded person :p
  7. nahh he doesnt have a lot of keyss heheee but yeah i think a belt should be good too.. oh god now i have few choices to choose from :sweatdrop:
  8. Utah wallets are gorgeous but they scratch easly though... I would like to have one anyway, haha
  9. they do??? what a disappointment :crybaby:
    get it then :p
  10. How about a damier wallet?
  11. Does he travel much or do overnight trips often? How about a keepall?
  12. nahh dont think he would fancy a damier.. can anyone say something positive about the utah leather? :crybaby:
  13. I would go with Taiga leather instead of Utah. Good luck!!!
  14. I bought DH a Utah wallet for our anniversary and he didn't like it very much - bills compartment not deep enough and he wasn't happy with how things were organized. I ended up returning the wallet (exchanged it for a pochette for myself haha) and getting him a nice wallet from Ferragamo instead (his all time favorite wallet now).
  15. Depends on what kind of guy your bf is, a keepall is definitely something anyone could find a use for.

    The Utah Commanche is hot hot hot - a great (if expensive) masculine piece, which is something that can't be said about a lot of Vuitton's men's bags.