Opinions needed for a necklace

  1. I saw this while looking for my beloved Trollbeads and I need your input (cause I am so insecure lol) I have a simple black dress for a birthday party next weekend. I have tons of stuff but this just struck me...what do you think yay or nay? (I would wear it basically alone, maybe stud earrings and a watch)

    with this:
    I figure the price is great and they combine shipping...lol if I don't like it, it might make a great birthday or Mother's Day gift.
  2. I'll takhttp://cgi.eBay.com/Stunning-Sterling-Silver-Roman-Glass-Necklace_W0QQitemZ220094346230QQcategoryZ92840QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewIteme the lack of response as a bg nay, how about this?
  3. I think that would look beautiful together and will add a nice touch to the black dress!
  4. It would look nice together and you can put different pendants on the necklace, so it's also very versatile :smile: