opinions needed ~ Dior Lovely Medium Tote!

  1. hello everyone! i went to the Dior boutique in AD last week to get a gift for my sister's 18th birthday (i got her a gorgeous long wallet in hot pink leather!! cant find a pic of it online :sad: might take pics when i get home tho), anyways i found the Dior Lovely Medium Tote in Mink Beige.. i have mixed feelings about it >_< on one hand i think its really cute but then again the color is too light and im afraid it would get dirty too quick like my poor girly pouchette =/ it does come in darker colors (black & brown) but i only really like it in beige.. what do you think?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. dont worry abt this line. IT IS SO EASY TO maintian. Dior treated the canvas with speacial coating. So any dirt, you just use baby wipes or water to clean it and it would remove the dirt. The mgr at my local dior told me someone once set her down at a restaurant and got gravy on it and just some tissue with water, it's all clean again.
  3. oh wow! thats awesome :biggrin: didnt know about the special coating.. great news for meee ^_^ thanks jeslyn!
  4. I think its totally adorable, and with the info that jeslyn posted about how easy it is to keep clean, I'd get it! :tup: