opinions needed - carly medium or large?

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  1. been a silent reader for a year+ and now i am planning to get my very first coach soon *yayz* half courtesy from my sister. but i am torn between carly large and medium. i don't know which one suits me more. will the large carly be heavy if it's loaded with neccessities(eg.cell,organiser/filofax,large long purse,makeupbag,umbrella)and books? i'm around 165-167cm(should be around 5ft 5...i think. not really good with the measurement thingy). thought of getting the medium carly but am afraid tht it will be too small...any suggestions on which one to get?

    *all opinions will be very much appreciated =)
  2. well.. if you want to fit all those stuff, you'd prolly need a large one. i have medium and i'm about 162cm and it's perfect. the bag is not so light but maybe a little bit heavy when filled with stuff.. i usually put a long wallet, camera, ipod, small makeup bag, and a small planner. hmm.. maybe you'll need a large considering the stuff and your height:P
  3. I have the large one and I absolutely LOVE it!!!! I'd def. recommend the large one. I carry my legacy wallet, my carly wristlet (which is big) and another wristlet to carry store cards (got lots of those, lol) and then I have to carry my planner and my daughter's aerochamber and her albuterol in there with me all the time, too. Some random matchbox cars for my son.... So the large is perfect for me! Buy the large!!!! if you think it's too big you can always return for the medium and buy something else, too! :smile:

  4. i'm 167 in height and i have the medium one. its just nice for me..maybe coz i don carry much when i go out..a book, a small wallet, wristlet, cosmetic pouch, and umbrella.

    depends on how much u put inside, get something that can truly accomodate to your stuff and also stylish at the same time..i reckon u would need a large one if books and all are going to be stashed inside.. :smile:
  5. I carry about the same stuff as you and I use the large. I have wanted to get a medium but when I tried it at the coach store, my stuff didn't fit. I say, get the large.
  6. I have the large and I adore it! Go for the large. The signature Carly "slouch" is much more pronounced in the large... TDF!
  7. I would say for sure a large... I'm about 5'5 as well, and the large does not look overwhelming at all, plus the larger carly has a slouch thats TDF, and I don't think you can get the slouch as much from the medium... JMO... plus if you are going to carry books, makeup, etc in it, I would definitely go w/the large! Good Luck deciding!
  8. I have a med carly and i love it! But, i wish i would have bought the large instead. It doesn't fit everything i would normally carry in my large ergo tote.
  9. Large for sure!
  10. I feel similar. I wish my medium were bigger but maybe not the size of the large. Given the choice again between the two though I would go with the large.
  11. I prefer the large over the medium.
  12. Yeah I am guessing you will need the larger one. It is hard to fit half the stuff that you have in a medium one. Either way they are both really cute, they are so popular right now, and I can see why!:okay:
  13. Go for the large! :tup: I used to have the medium (and I am 5'10") I don't usually carry a lot but the large can hold a LOT More and has that great looking slouch that the Carly is supposed to have.. the medium just doesn't get the same slouch imo. I think with the things you are thinking of carrying plus the slouch you should go for the large, you will not be sorry! :tup:
  14. I have the large Carly and, at only 5 feet tall, it isn't overpowering. You can fit EVERYTHING in there (iPod, cell/BlackBerry, wallet, organizer, books/magazines, files, extra shoes, an umbrella, and sweater) without it getting too heavy. It looks great too even if you don't end up stuffing it they way I do. I use mine for work (carrying all the above) and it makes an excellent bag for travelling. Good luck with your choice!
  15. the Large!!