Opinions needed: Can you guys help me decide on my 2008 wish list?

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  1. I did a major edit of bags at the end of last year with respect to anything that I wasn't really using or that wasn't really me. I am now down to a very bare bones collection of those things I think I will never part with, including a gold birkin and a black birkin. I am waiting for a 28 black kelly which I hope will arrive this year. Beyond that, I am trying to decide what else, if anything, I would like to buy, if possible. Here are the bags that are captivating my imagination at the moment:

    1. Another birkin in a different color - etoupe, ebene, or blue jean

    2. An oversized black kelly, eg, 35cm or 40 cm

    3. A 31 clemence mou bolide in blue jean, etoupe, or gris tourtourelle

    4. A kelly JPG pouchette in black swift or kelly lounge

    I think I would like to have (1) something etoupe, but not sure which bag; (2) another birkin, but not sure which color; and (3) a very small bag, not sure which one.

    Any thoughts, advice, opinions, welcomed and appreciated.
  2. what bags did you sell and why...that can help to decide what you will get next!

    sounds like you like the basics like black and gold.
  3. This is something I've been doing as well....culling the collection so that everything left is beloved and well used. And, GC is right when she says that it sounds like you are a basics gal....soooooo.......

    If it were me I'd go for:

    A BIRKIN in ETOUPE (this will compliment your Black and Gold bags nicely),
    PASS on the extra large Kelly,
    A Blue Jean 31cm BOLIDE Mou (here's your fun spot of color),
    Kelly Pochette in Black Swift for evenings out.
  4. This is true, I like neutral colors and love black.
    I sold a 32 cm kelly because it feels like an awkward size to me, and because I had decided to buy a 28. I sold a black bolide because most people around me thought it was too plain, including my husband, but to be honest, I kind of miss it. I think if I bought another bolide it would be in a lighter color and have topstitching. Other than black, however, I reluctant to have more than one bag in a color, so I would tend not to get another gold, but rather, a different brown or neutral.

    I just hate to take the wait to see what turns up approach. I like to plan in advance or I freeze up when confronted with a possible purchase.
  5. S'mom, You must be a mindreader - this is exactly where I have been gravitating.

  6. This sounds like a good plan. If the bolide is too plain, have you considered a lindy in bj or brighton blue in the 30 size to take the bolide's place?
  7. LOL!!!!! Us Neutral Girls think alike!
  8. These things can be difficult to call, especially since I'm a newer member. From your post, it seems like you do like neutrals; however having some color like one of the blues (you mention BJ) or even one of the reds can be an asset in your closet. Just my 2 cents. Good luck!
  9. I agree with S'mom -you can't go wrong with her suggestion.

    Allaboutnice posted her new birkin bought in Paris in the last couple of days - she put it with her other h bags - all neutral, and all very wearable.

    One point on the large kellies - the bigger the bag, the more you put in it. Eventually the handles can't take the strain and start to come away from the bag. It would take a while for that to happen, but I would prefer two handles for the bigger bags.

    S'mom - what did you cull? What have you kept? What couldn't you do without? I'm culling too - but keeping a couple of greens as my non neutral colour. Getting a lot of use out of my clemence vert anis bolide at the moment.
  10. This is really helpful - thank you all for your input.

    Rocker - Yes the Lindy is a cool bag too - I like it esp. in gris tourterelle clemence or etoupe swift. PS I think I may have seen you with your brighton blue Lindy on Saturday, walking into the Hermes store. I was walking by but didn't go into the store. I wasnt carrying a bag, so you might not have seen me :smile: I noticed the BB Lindy and the big Orange shopping bag, bu it didn't dawn on me until later that might be you! Sorry I missed you (New Years resolution to stay out of the store until February). I will say hi next time!

    J'adore, you make a good point about the big kelly bags being too heavy for one handle. I think the structure gets more awkward the larger the bag. OK I am scratching that one off the list.

    I guess if I cant resist blue jean after talking about it all these years, best to go with a playful type bag eg bolide or Lindy than a birkin (particularly after Feb. 1 when they are likely to be a heartstopping price, esp. for those of us with 8.375% state sales tax - best to stick with the neutral bags at that price point, this would be etoupe or ebene).

    Smom and jadore, I would be interested in hearing how your editing is going, how you decided what to keep or not.
  11. maybe look out on eBay or something for something BJ if you are a neutrals...so you don't shell out alot of cash on something that isn't a done deal for you
  12. What about a lovely Blue Jean Web II in Swift instead of the Bolide? I'm loving these Web's lately......
  13. oh a plum. where did I see the most amazing mini bj plum for the best price. eBay or something. I had a dream about it that night.
  14. Hi jedi!!! Planning for '08 huh? I see you with a 35cm etoupe PH without a question..no doubts. From what I can tell you gravitate toward birkins and this one would be gorgeous.

    I understand the want for color- I go back and forth myself with it. I'm a huge fan of the bolide. Maybe you might love one in a color? BJ is beautiful and the bolide is a great bag to get with a fun color.

    Not sure I see you with a large kelly. I would think and 'chew' on that one for a while. I may be totally wrong but I see you reaching for your birkin over a large kelly.

    I can see you with a JPG and I know you have been interested in one for a while. Would you use it on evenings out or would you grab your 28 kelly first (when it arrives!). I know it is important that you use your bags and that they don't get too much closet time so I am thinking out loud....
  15. Hi PGN,
    You know me too well! Big kelly is getting scratched off the list, etoupe birkin is definately going on the list. Blue jean bolide - I have thought about this one for years and cant seem to move beyond it, so maybe its time to jump in.