Opinions needed~ aquamarine!!!

  1. Those that have seen this color IRL~ would you say the color looks more like blueish shades or a true darker aqua? Thanks!!!;) :heart: :smile:
  2. I thought it was a more greenish Aqua. I fondled a couple today
  3. Thanks N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:heart: How were the leathers on the bags you saw today??? Describe!!!!!!!!
  4. They all had GW and were nice and smooth. One of them (PT) felt a little dry but the other 2 were nice and soft/smooth.

    I still can't get over the beauty of the French Blue Day.
  5. I agree~ the french blue color is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hi Girlie,
    My NM has the PT w/GH and the leather is very nice but the color is greenish Blue. Very similar to BI not like the 05 Turquoise that we were expecting. I still like the French Blue in Day.:yes:
  7. Guys, is the color lighter, darker, or more/less green/blue than this one:


  8. mine is darker and a bit bluer
  9. I saw the aqua today but in a coin purse. It was so pretty!~ but I just don't know what a bag or compagnon would look like. I didn't notice that the coin purse I saw looked that blue at all~ to me it did look more dark aqua greenish.
  10. Definitely darker. And I think more green?
  11. ^^^Spay~ that would be perfect for me if it does look like how you say!!!

  12. To me, the Aqua is a bit of a chameleon color - it's definitely darker than the 05 turquoise, and greener than the teal. I think this is one of those colors you just have to see IRL
  13. i had a day in aquamarine and i sent it back to BalNy - mine was very greeny turquoise in color. it sounds as if every bag is different...
  14. That's good to hear! It's what I want- the pic the SA sent me above has no green tones at all, and doesn't look like any of the pics I've seen so far. Strangely, she assured me that the color is true to life. Maybe they have their monitor set differently?
  15. i have a BI and saw the acqua a couple of weeks ago. it looked like a darker version of BI. but lanie told me that she saw one and the acqua is not in any way similar to BI. so i am going back to B and going to take a look at it again. what i saw was the PT though. so perhaps the tanning is different for the other shapes...?