Opinions: Mono Pochette + Sophie?

  1. I just wanted everyone's opinion on something. I have an azur damier pochette and also a mono pochette. I really love the Sophie but as I am in Australia I would have to purchase via eBay.
    My question is do you think that it is doubling up having the mono pochette and the Sophie. I have a Gaucho saddlebag that I use daily so I would only use the sophie for evenings or week-ends.
    Would I be better off purchasing a lexington in pomme to have a totally different bag as I do love red?
    Any opinions would be very helpful as sometimes you need to see things from another perspective.
  2. hmmm. you do have a mono pochette already.. but i LOVE the look of the sophie, so in time, you may be able to get both, but for now i think you should get the sophie.
  3. I think that the two bags are entirely different so I'd definitely go for the Sophie- it's HOT! Although the pomme Lexington is gorg too.
  4. I dont think it's doubling up having the mono pochette and the sophie. I love the sophie!
  5. They're two entirely different bags. If you really want a special evening bag the Lexington in Pomme d'Amour is a better choice. The *sophie* is sold out now and there maybe a few left in Japan or Hawaii. As much as I like it. I would not pay eBay prices for something so modest in style.
  6. Thanks for your opinions. You are right pinki, I would have to pay eBay prices and you never know LV may make sophie available to everybody.
  7. I think that the Sophie is different enough that you wouldn't be doubling up. The ebay prices actually aren't too bad, if you take into account tax, paypal fees, ebay fees. I don't think that Sophie is going to be anywhere but Japan and Hawaii. The Sophie is soooo cute with the gold plate and gold chain.

    The Pomme items are beautiful too. I'm not any help. I'd get the Pomme D'Amour and the Sophie.