Opinions? Mamma Mia vs Buon Viaggio

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  1. I need your opinion. I recently purchased a Citta Mamma Mia from eBay. It had flawless print placement and I paid a ridiculous amount of money for it. But once I got it I didn't like the shape it took once I put my things in it? I like totes so that's not the problem. I'm starting to think it was too small to truly look like a tote. Does that make sense? I'm asking because I am contemplating getting a Famiglia Buon Viaggio. I live in Ohio where there is NO TOKIDOKI, so my online options are limited. I just don't want to buy a Buon Viaggio and have the same problem. I can't really describe exactly why I didn't like the MM, it just "looked funny". I'm not a "big bag" girl but I love my Spiaggia Zucca. And totes and hobos are my favorite bags shapes. I'm starting to ramble...someone help me!:cursing: Do you think I'd like the BV?
  2. I have a MM and I LOVE IT. I tried on the zucca and thought it was way too big but I do like the style. I think if you don't like the MM, you're not gonna like the BV. It hangs the same way as the MM, just bigger. My sis has the BV and I personally think it is HUGE!!
  3. its really personal preference. I dont like the way bv looks on me, its like a large beach tote. MM is smaller version, but if you got lots of stuff to put in a bag, then go with bv, i personally prefer mm.
  4. if i had my mm i could tell you but i'm still waiting for it to come in. i love my bv but it's too big to carry out so if you don't like big bags it's not the one for you. i use my bv for school and i'm hoping my mm will be perfect for everyday
  5. Well, I guess I'll just let it go. I don't know...I loved the MM until I put it on my arm. Then it just looked mishapen to me. I guess I prefer totes with more structure.
  6. i don't really know what you mean by mishapen since i think my bv fills out perfectly :sad:
  7. Could it be that the MM lacks support on the bottom of the bag so you think its sort of "flat"?? I know that Maya puts a plastic that shaped like the bottom of the bag to help support it. I know it kind of sags a bit when you put too much stuff inside.

    Personally, I LOVE my MM because I like totes.. and it looks fine to me. I have a BV too and its HUGE!! But I still love it :love: I'm 5'2" and on the small side.. so you can just imagine how big it is on me! :nuts: haha I agree with Tracy too, the zucca is HUGE!! But love it anyway.

    :shrugs: I hope things work out for you!
  8. I agree with Miss :biggrin:ana.. It was a bit saggy, but I put a hardcover book at the bottom and it was fixed instantly!

    I think I'm the same size as you petites (bubblesung & Miss :biggrin:ana) but I'm not bothered by the size of the BV at all. Maybe because I haven't tried to use it as a purse yet.. or because I've carried totes/bags that size before and not minded (except when someone mentioned to me that I carry bags bigger than I am a lot).
  9. i love my bv's. i definitely use them more than my mm. i tend to only use my mm when i go out without the kids too.....i guess it all depends on how much you carry. i find that whenever i use a big bag i tend to find more stuff to fill it with :p My poor shoulder/arm.
  10. LOL I actually dont mind the BV's size at all! I just haven't used it yet because I'm waiting for school to start to use it! Hahaha can you believe it?! I'm actually waiting for SCHOOL to start :lol: Ai yahh this is what tokidoki does to people :p
  11. omg me too! i can't wait to bust out my CR campeggio :biggrin: i guess i should just cherish these days that i lug just a purse around.
  12. i've already used my inferno bv for the school year that just passed so i'm definitely not any more excited for school to start :p
  13. I don't have a MM but I like the BV cos it can fit so much print AND lots of books. It is a really huge bag! I guess it depends on what you'll put in it and how you use it. If you want proper shape and structure with style, and just have a few things to put in the bag, go with a Famiglia Zucca maybe. But if you squillions of stuff to put in a bag, definitely go for BV!!

    I'm also thinking of getting sth in Famiglia but without seeing it IRL I don't think i can risk it! Good luck though!
  14. -delete-
  15. knasarae: i think i know what you mean about the MM going out of shape. i have a l'amore MM and i ADORE it to bits. i love how cute it looks, the size and shape of the MM, especially when it's stuffed full with tissue paper inside. but the first time i tried to fit my daily stuff in it and carry on my shoulder, i had problems convincing myself that it looked good. yea.. i share your dilemma, so i tend to use my PG tan stellina more often as the shape's more structured and it holds well no matter what i dump into it - my "no-brainer" toki bag :smile:

    anyway, on some days, i don't like the MM that much; on other days, i love it.
    for me, i suspect it's what i am carrying in the bag that makes the difference - and there's a certain way the items must be arranged/placed, stacked neatly together in the MM (so they don't slip all around the bag and look messy, since it has a wide base). i haven't tried inserting a hard base at the bottom, maybe that'll work.

    don't give up on your MM yet, it's going to be discontinued soon, and it's truly such an adorable bag ;)
    i don't own a BV yet but have been contemplating getting in one of the upcoming prints (eg. vacanze). guess i'll just have to decide again when the new prints release.