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  1. Just wondering what the views are on violet now it has been out for a few months!

    I am seeing quite a few now on eBay and i don't know why!:shrugs:

    I love the colour, soo vibrant but dark at the same time!

    I saw a cb with GSH today and it was the sweetest thing I have ever seen!!

    So tell me ladies, yay or nay?! xx
  2. ...a few months? Isn't it more like a few weeks ? I guess time flies when you're having fun. ;) ... and yes, I think it's still HOT, and will remain so for quite awhile!
  3. Hot hot hot. I don't think it will go out of style for quite some time....
  4. There will be a lot of violet combined with gray this fall/winter so for shure it's hot!
  5. For sure still HOT! I love it!
  6. Glad to see im not on my own!!
    Do you think it will be as popular as eggplant?
  7. Totally hot, especially for fall. How can it be "over" after only a few weeks? And the ones on eBay sell for way over retail so you have your answer there... if it would sell for below retail, that would be another story. :smile:
  8. I honestly haven't seen that many on eBay. Are you talking including other countries in that or just US Ebay?
  9. I sold mine on ebay because I wanted and bought a smaller size, not because I didn't like the violet. I think it is hot!
  10. ^I bet that's the case with a lot of the eBay bags - people are deciding to get Violet in another shape/size/hardware. It's so gorgeous, I can't imagine it'll be out of style for a long, long time.
  11. Hi,
    there are so hot still, get one-you won`t regret.....love the color tdf....:boxing:
  12. By the way to proof how hot they are.....I sold my workbag, then I just had to have
    one again, the color is screaming lovely and hot the same time.
    I just have to decide between the work and partime, maybe I should have them
  13. Hot - just not on me! I love the color but sold my twiggy and returned my step. Color was too dark for me. Love it on others, though!
  14. HOT of course!
  15. Hot! I think it will remain hot for a long time. It's dark enough to match a lot. I think some people buy colors they anticipate will be sold out to sell on ebay for a profit.