opinions...is the VCP better on a Lorca or a Havana?

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  1. And would I be crazy to pay $356 for a havana? thanks!
  2. I'd say for the Havana. I don't think it's that crazy of a price. I absolutely love the color so the more of it the better. Even tho I'm more personally drawn to the lorca because I'm not a big bag sort of gal.
  3. I like big bags and I own a VCP havana so I say go for the havana. VCP is really lovely and smooshy...I think that the havana shows it off nicely.
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    Last edited: Jan 30, 2009
    That price isn't that crazy. That's one of the most coveted colors in the Havanas. I have no doubt HH will bring it back again, but you might have to wait until next fall. I haven't seen it but maybe two come through evilbay, so if you want it now I would pull the trigger.
  5. I agree with what the other ladies have been saying..the VCP looks TDF in the Havana. Look up CHO's pics..her VCP Havana was gorgy!
  6. i like it in the lorca better. i saw this on a lady irl, and it was cute. personally i feel itd be too much crinkly patent-ness in a large bag
  7. Sukey - where the heck did you find the VCP Havana? Personally, I like VCP on pretty much anything, except maybe the really big bags like the Trophy... I wound up getting it in a Lorca and it's really nice, and I have a clutch wallet in it on its way to me (ok, in theory, if HH ever ships)!
  8. yeah, I ordered from kataphileo....not sure if I got the last one or if they have more
  9. Havana for sure! The more the better LOL : ) I have the VCP Havana and I can truly say it is totally TDF!!
  10. You said you got it for $356, but it's listed at $386. Is there a discount I don't know about?
  11. I have the VCP Lorca and I'd vote Lorca:
    -I have the Bronze Anaconda Lorca too and the Lorca is very wide east-west even though it's short north-south. The Bronze Anaconda is too slouchy for the Lorca IMO so the bag tends to fold over in the middle and droop. The VCP is just stiff enough to keep the bag from drooping in the middle. I prefer my VCP Lorca to my Bronze Anaconda one. IMO the VCP is a little too stiff and well too Violet and shiny for a bigger bag like the Havana.
  12. I had a coupon code (it was a one time use one)...thats why the price was lower..plus Im a member and that gives you 3% off
  13. oh yeah, I've been eyeing it at kataphileo... I originally decided to get the ICP Havana and the VCP Lorca when I found them at piperlime, thinking that would be the best of both worlds, and they're both gorgeous - but somehow it didn't satisfy my craving for more VCP... and in the meantime I won a grey zeus Havana on the bay that was kinda pricey and feel like I can't possibly justify another pricey Havana even tho I :heart: it...

    I mentioned this elsewhere but I'm still kicking myself over this - a few weeks ago there was a VCP Havana on the bay, but I was just easing into my HH obsession, and wanted to think about it - and of course it was snapped up while I contemplated my naval... for around $280... grrrrrrr! :cursing: Clearly, I've gotta let this go!
  14. I would love to get my hands on a VCP Havana but I personally wouldn't pay over $200. I'm in Canada and the CDN dollar is too weak.