Opinions - Is Marine the new Ink?

  1. I saw one IRL today....VERY nice. I don't feel so bad about losing out at the Ink Twiggy auction now. I wish I got pics to post but I only had my trashy mobile phone camera. Dare I day it, I think Marine may be the new Ink???:idea:
  2. IMO, marine does not have the complexity of ink. Marine is a nice dark blue, but it doesn't seem to have the color-shifting aspect of ink, where it appears purple or black or blue depending on the light and its mood and the phase of the moon.
  3. Not for me because INK is magic !!!
    And Marine is just Marine ;)
  4. I have been craving an ink bag for nearly a year--ever since I passed on a perfect ink city bag to go with the "safer" black. Now that I've seen the marine, I think I will go with it instead. Both colors are beautiful, but I actually think the rich true blue of the marine will be better with my wardrobe than the purple undertones of the ink. In a perfect world I'd have one of each, but for now, my first choice has to be marine!
  5. I love both Marine and Ink. =)
  6. I hope a local store gets marine -- I'd love to see it in person.
  7. I hope Marine makes it to Aloha Rag!
  8. Im going to have to agree with the ladies above. Being an owner of an ink twiggy myself, the color is incomparable to any of the blues. Its so diverse.
  9. Not to me. I love Ink, and Marine is just a blue. I don't love navy blue - what appealed to me about Ink is the subtlety of violet tones in it, and its ability to look almost black at times.
    I think enough Ink was produced that if you wanted one, you could find one without too much trouble - they pop up on eBay on a regular basis, and some retailers even have some left over. Marine doesn't speak to me at all.
  10. They are both beautiful colors, but nothing else will be "ink." In my opinion, ink is in a class by itself.
  11. If you care for the quality of the leather, you may be better off with Marine. I have a 2007 Vert d'eau City. The leather is absolute gorgeous. It's much much better than 2006 leather in my opinion. I have a Marine City pre-ordered, and I can't wait :smile:
  12. ugh I was at Neiman Marcus in Garden State Plaza the other day and asked if they had the city in Marine....and the SA was like..."uh...whats the marine?" And I was like "the dark blue"...and she said "oh the ink?" and I was like no...but ok? haha. Needless to say they didn't have a city in marine....agree with everyone that Ink definately was more complex...but Marine is BEAUTIFUL!
  13. what she said.:yes:
  14. :yes::yes:

    i agree. ink is like the seafoam of the blue-so-dark-its-almost-black's for me. there might be gorgeous imitations (marine, vert deau), but nothing will ever beat the original colors.
  15. I agree with you ladies. I love ink it has far more edge than marine which is certainly beautiful but as someone else said INK is magic!