opinions/insight on patent leather

  1. Patent leather is supposed to be "big" for fall. I was never much of a fan until I bought a patent bag recently. (http://forum.purseblog.com/handbags-and-purses/sign-me-up-for-choo-bordeaux-patent-35754.html) The SA tried to convince me that the old rules are out the window and that patent can now be worn "year round"--kind of like suede bags are worn by some in the summer months these days. As I sit here sweltering in 100-degree temps on the East Coast, I'm dying to use my new bag, but I'm dubious. What do you all think?

    Also, does anybody have any insight to offer on patent leather's durability? I can remember hearing about patent bags years ago in which the finish deteriorated after a while. Should they be treated in any special way?
  2. I wondered that myself. I've nicked enough patent shoes over the years that it makes me ill!! I would hope the leather on a handbag of that price range would have been treated to hold up, especially the hobo/slouchy types.
  3. My Jimmy Choo SA tried to convince me to rub Vaseline on the bag--kind of like little girls used to do with their Mary Janes--but I'd never do that in a million years! She seemed pretty clueless and I wouldn't trust her advice.

    I'm pretty confident that the manufacturing of patent leather has improved over the years, and that my Choo bag will be fine, but I'm wondering what other PFers might know...
  4. OMG!!! I'd ask if you were serious, but I know you are. My gawd, how stupid can a person get? VASELINE??? Groan! :wtf:
  5. Vaseline is what girls rub on their bodies when they're about to get into a fight. It helps them slide off of each other and you don't get scratch. I think if you rub vaseline on anything you should have a little bit of protection. I would try it out on my brand new red patent leather shoes and see.
  6. ^^^ As I said, the Vaseline idea was a NON-STARTER with me!!!
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  7. I think patent looks out of place in the summer/spring, its more a fall/winter item to me. Plus with this heat, I don't know if I'd want to take it out if you were concerned about the finish.
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  8. I despise Patent..it just looks too plastic-like to me....Ya know?
  9. I know what you mean because I used to feel that way too. Then I felt my new Jimmy Choo patent leather bag and I changed my mind. I think some of the newer patents are softer.

    Wickedassin just got one of the Choos too, and this is the way she puts it: "The leather is really nice and smooshy. It looks a lot like wet nailpolish--sorta like Chanel's Very Vamp!"
  10. That Jimmy Choo is next on my list. I have a blood red patent leather Kenneth Cole bag that I bought in 2000. It's gorgeous and doesn't have a mark on it. I use it every year and it's my most complimented bag. I've never seen anyone else with one like it. I've worn it at different times of the year with no problem.

    Patent leather always has a new look to it. I love that about it. I didn't think twice about that Jimmy Choo until I saw the patent leather bordeaux. I happened to see a blue patent leather version online too. It adds so much to that style, IMHO.
  11. I think the new patent leathers are nicer than the patent leather of old. They're significantly softer and have more pliability than the old stiff leather on mary jane shoes. But I wouldn't use vaseline on them--that's just my opinion...

    However, I did talk to a high-end/expert shoe/leather repair service (Nordstrom and other high-end department stores send shoes and bags to these people for repairs). Anyways, this is what I was told:

    1) When buying patent leather, especially expensive items, go for the dark colored items, i.e. black, dark brown, dark burgundy, etc. The lighter colors such as white, cream, pink will often yellow with exposure to the sun. I guess it's something in the "coating" that changes color with sun exposure.

    2) Use patent leather cleaner to clean patent leather--my local Nordy's carries it in the shoe department.

    3) Do NOT use regular leather moisturizer on patent leather.

    4) Also be careful with what you put the patent leather up against. It can pick up things. Such as if you stick a magazine page on patent leather, the print can transfer on to the leather--which would be PERMANENT!

    Hope that helps!
  12. I use bags from the LV Vernis line which look kind of like patent leather. But I agree, they can be used all year round now..there really isn't a specific season for them. As long as they look good and you like them, there shouldn't be a problem.
  13. I just bought the Riki in blue. I LOVE, Love, love it! Although I want to use it now, it's hot where I live (90's) and I just don't feel right about wearing it until fall. It is SO hard to wait because it is such a beautiful bag I feel like it's a shame to keep it home. I couldn't resist, I took it out last weekend. But it's now back in it's sleeper waiting for September.
    Congrats on your beautiful new bag!
  14. Everybody, thanks for your helpful tips/opinions on patent. Keep 'em coming!

    And lawchick, welcome to the forum and congrats on your new Jimmy Choo bag!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  15. I have a divine Lanvin turquoise patent leather bag. It's gorgeous and has held up so well.