Opinions...how do you feel about COACH sandals?

  1. So I have been scoping out all the new spring stuff, as well as the new jewelry and shoes... so I came across these sandal wedges... aren't they TDF!! What do you think? Would you wear these and are they worth the price?
    [​IMG] New MAE WEDGE $258
  2. I personally don't have those and If I wasnt so tall already I would wear them.. I have 3 pairs of the lindsay slides and they are really comfortable to me
  3. I would totally wear them but I am already 5'10". They are really cute though! :tup:
  4. I have really bad ankles and can't really wear the wedges. HOWEVER, I lOVE them. My sister has the watercolor ones and I REALLY want the Tattersall ones.
  5. I know, they are really cute, just don't know if i want to spend that much on a pair of wedges... but i know i would wear them all the time! I guess i'll have to check them out IRL!
  6. i love the coach wedges. i think they are more comfortable than heels.

    personally i wait until they go on sale (either PCE, Nordies, or macy's...or even in the shoe binder they get marked down)
  7. True... I bought the watercolor ones for my sister and I think I paid 40% of retail at Dillards or Macys????
  8. thanks bsb, yeah i might just have to wait it out until they go on sale... can't really imagine spending that much on a pair of wedges... they are TDF though... :love:
  9. All Coach shoes are really good quality, so if you find some that look cute to you and try them on and they feel good, go for it! You won't be disappointed, I can guarantee it! :tup:
  10. I think they're great. I'd also recommend waiting until the wedges go sale or when the next PCE takes place.
  11. I absolutely adore Coach shoes!!! I have several pairs & I find them to be very, very comfy! Especially the wedges! I, to echo everyone else, would probably wait until PCE or until a dept store marks them down; thats how I get almost all of my Coach shoes & you can get some great deals, especially from the dept stores!
  12. I love those!! I have the Mayra wedges from last year and they are so comfortable. They retailed for $248 I think but I lucked out and got mine on clearance from Macy's for less than $100.
  13. I love those!!! So cute!
  14. They are super cute. I wish I could wear high heels, I hate having flat feet.