Opinions from my Coach friends please

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  1. I know I should probably not post this in the Coach forum, but this is the only place I hang out and I consider you girls my friends.

    I'm waiting to replace my Coach sunnies with PCE, so in the interim I've found these.

    They are Kate Spade (which I also have a fondness for). Retail is about $175, and I stumbled upon them at Costco for $47.99.

    I almost got the tortise, but I have another pair of tortise (Coach Kendall) and I think that black is just classic and old-style glamourous.

    What do you think? Excuse the mussy hair & goofy expression - I was in the work bathroom!

  2. I like them!!! Kate Spade has some great stuff :smile:
    I'm still sorry your sunnies got swiped :sad:
  3. I think you look fabulous with your new sunnies.... I love them:yes:
  4. Looks great! :tup:
  5. LOVE them! I wish i had a Costco membership now... great glasses and thats an awesome price!!!
  6. Those look great on you!! :smile: In my opinion, you can never have enough great sunglasses.

    The shape is very similar to the Coach Grace sunglasses that I'm wearing in my avatar. I love Kate Spade, too, just not quite as much as Coach. :smile:
  7. they look great on you!
  8. I just keep worrying that they are too big. I don't want to look like I'm trying to look 25 cuz I'm so NOT!
  9. I think they look great...... and all that matters is that you like them! screw what other people think!!!

    I just might have to go to costco later and see what they have!!!
  10. I think that they look really good on you! I don't think that they make you look like you are trying to look 25. I'm sorry that your other sunglasses were taken
  11. they look great! What a great deal! I love Costco. I also noticed Costco is starting to sell some higher end skin care/make-up brands as well. You never know what you'll find at Costco!:yes:
  12. awesome price for those!
  13. Oh man I hope no one kills me now but Im going to mix up the opinions a little:push: I think there just too large for your pretty little face;)
  14. ^ I actually agree, I think they're just a bit too round and big for your face. JMHO.
  15. I'd have to really agree.