Opinions from matte leather lovers please

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  1. OHHHH NOOOO, I have messed up, this picture is a sample of the kind of leather I like, NOT the bag I was asking your opinion of, the bag in question is the first one. This one-

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  2. No worries! ;)
  3. I personally think your caramel city looks to have about as smooth of leather bal offers. it looks gorgeous, reminds me of my black 05 city!
  4. well, i'm enjoying this thread, i just got a bbag and was wondering the same thing about the leather etc...(it's a truffe 06 , i loove...)Thanks for the info!
  5. Thank you all for your help, :smile: and south-of-france, your example helps alot :yes: !

    This bag would be my holy grail, I just love the caramel!
  6. Susan, that's my 2005 Caramel. It was preloved when I got it and I've used it a lot so it's very well broken in. Is yours a 2006 f/w? I can't tell from the picture but it looks like my 2006. My 2006 was so smooth that I sold it. I like some distressing and from what I can see, the one you have looks gorgeous!

  7. Hi powderpuff! I love your bag! :heart: Your 2005 caramel has just enough distressing, Thank you for your help with the bag I am considering, I am sure she said it was a 2005, but I will check with her again.
  8. DOH!:Push: My bad.....I was looking at the wrong bag:shame: I think the first one looks just like Powder's 05 Caramel. It looks nice and smooth to me and as I said, you can't get any smoother than that. I just mentioned the Saddle in case you can't find the Caramel or Cognac(?) in the leather that you're looking for. Good Luck!
  9. No problem Louis_gal, I think I made it confusing. I am new to posting. I was just reading another thread you had posted on, and you said "All of my bags are from F/W with the exception of 1 and I find the warmer colors are more to my palette...." I like the warmer colors too, (well, besides black) May I ask what warm colors you have?
  10. Sounds to me like you're looking for 04 leather. All my 04 bags were very, very matt.
  11. Susan, I have all Cities and they are:
    05 Dolma
    06 Ink
    07 Black
    07 Plomb/Steel
    07 Paprika

    The 05 Dolma is actually from S/S 2005, but I just love the color so much and it looks more of a Fall bag to me than an S/S bag.:yes:
  12. i prefer the smooth no crackling/veins as well!, goodluck finding the one you want.