Opinions from matte leather lovers please

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  1. Hi, I have been looking for a black city and caramel city in more smooth matte finish. I am sooo inexperienced at this, especially when I don't know what it will look like when it's broken in. Would you mind looking at this caramel and tell me what you think, please. When I enlarge it, the whole bag is covered with very small crackling, not sure if that's the right word... When broken in will it ever look sorta smooth and matte? I sure wish they came broken in.

    Thank you :heart:
  2. Sorry, I had to resize my picture. Here it is, I hope...

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  3. After you click on the thumbnail, you can click on the larger picture for an even larger picture
  4. Also, this is the leather I love, but can I ever find it in Caramel? I found this pic somewhere, I forget who it belongs to, I hope they don't mind my borrowing it :heart:

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  5. Looks like great leather to me. The shine will wear off after a while and the whole bag will soften and get smoother.
  6. I think it looks pretty smooth compared to my crinkly ones( That I adore).
    I haven't had any BBags longer than 6 or 7 months, so I have no idea what they will look like in a year or two. I think it looks like good leather, but it's up to you as to what your preference is.
    Look at some of the references on " Broken in bags" and you will see some that are a few years old. Also , each year it seems that the leather is a different thickness and quality.
  7. I personally LOVE the shine and am disappointed that the 08 bags don't seem to have any shine or glaze on them. I wonder why they changed the process...
    I think that the Bal leathers are amazing and unique,so that justifies the price in my mind:P
  8. The 08 bags I've seen all have/had quite a bit of sheen (def a glaze), but I do think it wears off after a while.
  9. Oooohhh, so lovely! I love my Bals exactly like this.....smooth, matte and very, very slightly distressed. I don't think you can get one totally smooth like a Chloe or Marc Jacobs. All Bals will have either a whole lot of veins, like this season's S/S 08, or smoother leather w/very slight distressing, such as the 05 Caramel pic that you choose. If you use it often enough, the leather will get more smooth as time goes on. Good Luck!:smile:
  10. I agree...this is the way I LOVE my Bbags. The shine should wear off with use of the bag.

    It reminds me of my Sapin work when I first bought it...the leather was just unbelievable and 2 years later, the bag is still beautiful.
  11. I agree with drati, I think the leather looks really good already, and it will only get better and less shiny with wear!


  12. I have a Camel City that looks a lot like that..I think that it will def. lose the shine and break in softer and smoother..I am stuffing mine to try to hasten that softening..in fact I am carrying it with my loaded First inside it to 'bulk it up' more and to lengthen the handles..if you are a believer in treating your Bbags you might also try moisturizing it..
  13. Thank you all for your opinions! Louis_gal, do you think even after enlarging the larger picture of the first thumbnail, (large picture comes up, then click on it, get a larger more close up picture) and seeing all the small distressing, that later it will look smooth? Sorry to be so particular about this, it's just important to me.
  14. [​IMG]
    Susan, I think that's as smooth as your going to get it. Honestly, you can't get any smoother than that and if you're looking for one that has no veins at all, then maybe Marc by Marc Jacobs, Chloe, MiuMiu or Kooba might be a nice alternative to Bal. Bals are supposed to have some distressing and depending on the season, some will have more so than others. Fall 08's leather is supposedly smoother, you might want to wait to check out the Saddle color and see if the leather and color is what you're looking for. Good Luck!
  15. Hi, I've had a ggh vert gazon hobo with similar leather:


    I prefer the smoother leather (without many veins or marbling) so I think your leather looks really good and will break in nicely. If you feel it's rather dry you could moisturize it with LMB or Apple conditioner (I have LMB's moisturizers and used sparingly they give good results).

    So I think it looks fine but you have to like it! :flowers: