Opinions for teen bags

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  1. As you all know I am a big Shalon fan and have always followed their line. Recently the company has started a teen line and I am considering for my daughter as her birthday is coming up and she will be 15. What do you think? Does it look too young for her. At first glance I though maybe for and 11 to 13 year old but it has kinda grown on me.

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  2. I think this is a bag that can be pulled off till the late teens
  3. I"m 18 now, and i know that when i was 15 i wouldnt of liked something like that.
  4. It's been a while since I was 15, but when I was 15 I would have like a Coach or a marc by marc.
  5. i teach that age group and they all carry either smaller coach bags OR vera bradley accessories that function as a purse....
  6. Thanks. I will have to look into the Vera Bradley accessories.
  7. First of all, I was 15 just a couple of weeks ago, and I absolutely don't like that bag. That is something I might have bought when I was nine... but probably not because white is a bad color to buy (gets dirty easily).

    edit: This is JUST my opinion. If you think your daughter would like it, go for it.
  8. i'm not liking that bag either, OP, sorry. i'm 20 and i probably still would not carry something like that. its really nice of you to buy your daughter a handbag for her bday :smile: good luck!
  9. i'm around that age and personally i do not like that bag. its not my style
  10. When I was 15, I wouldn't have picked out that bag. It does look like it's meant for a much younger girl.
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    Perhaps look at Botkier on sale @ Norstroms or a Gustto. Oh! I left out the most obvious youthful bag, "Juicy"! I think it's the perfect bag for young teens!!! Stylish and not too costly! She can grow with those bags and they don't have to cost a fortune. I'm really against giving young kids designer duds because they just don't want the responsibility. My DD is 17 and forgets her bag in the car!
  12. If I am 15 years old now, I wouldn't choose a bag like this. I like colors of red, green or some bright colors. And the bags with chequer will fit me well.
  13. And something that can be carried on the shoulder.

    That bag isn't very nice ....