Opinions for FIRST JC

  1. Well ladies...in exchange for allowing my husband to go buy the truck of his dreams, I have bargained for a Jimmy Choo and an iphone :wlae: YEAH!! So, I am now debating between the Mahala and the Maddy. I have faithfully read every entry and discussion on the two and am leaning towards the Mahala (for size reference I'm a slim 5'2"). I want a nice, neutral color since I plan on using this bag every day. I'm mainly wondering about the new liquid patent vs. the older shiny leather and suede. I will certainly get the cognac, just curious about how shiny the liquid patent is compared to the "shiny." I did call a SA at the Jimmy Choo boutique here in Dallas, and he's holding a liquid cognac Mahala for me to look at on Monday. When I called I didn't think to ask if he had any "shiny" Mahalas in, though it looks like I could get either through the Jimmy Choo website. Any opinions or suggestions (though I think I've seen all pictures, feel free to post again!) Thanks so much, I've been an obsessive lurker for a few weeks now and this site obviously can be a bad influence :graucho:!!
  2. I have the shiny leather version of the Mahala in Cognac. I absolutely love everything about this bag. I know that ilovetoshop has the Patent version, so maybe she'll chime in too. I am the same size as you, and I find that the Mahala is the perfect size for an everyday bag. If you have any specific questions, just let me know. Here are some pictures, but if you need more, just let me know!
    with flash.JPG without flash.JPG
  3. Welcome!

    I own the Cognac Liquid Patent Mahala. It is a great size, and a perfect all around bag for me. The liquid patent says "fall" to me more than a regular calf leather. I am 5'7" and not a tiny woman. I also have a Maddy, which is more of a hang on your arm type of bag. If you are trim with thinner arms, the Maddy should fit on your shoulder.

    Take a look at this thread: love2travel posted a parade of Mahala pictures. http://forum.purseblog.com/jimmy-choo/who-has-2-mahalas-183109.html . The one I have is above the python (:drool: :drool: :drool:) bag

  4. ^^^I LOVE your grand bargain with your DH! Welcome. :flowers:

    My vote is for the Mahala (Maddy is too small, IMO) and in the older shiny leather (the liquid patent is a bit much on this bag, IMO again).

    Good luck with your decision.
  5. The Mahala is a wonderful bag. Colors are such a personal choice. Depends on what really grabs you. You will know it when you see it. Have fun shopping tomorrow. You never know, you may come home with something entirely different. Maybe a Ring bag, or an Alex, or a Ramona....
  6. I vote for the shiny leather with suede as you will use this bag daily. The size is up to you. I find the Mahala to be too wide under my arm, but alot of the Choo girls here really love this bag.
    Welcome to the Choo forum:flowers:
  7. All three of the above suggestions are beautiful choices....I agree with Samantha, look at all the different bags and then make a final choice, you might be surprised at what actually grabs you IRL! :choochoo:
  8. Those Alexes sure look spiffy. The navy suede one is a dream, and would be very complimentary to an iphone. :yes: Of course, so would a Ramona! :yes:
  9. i vote for the older, shiny leather...only b/c you said you wanted to use the bag daily and i think the shiny leather is a beautiful bag, but not as flashy as the liquid patent. (btw, tln, your mahala is gorgeous!) :nuts: i have the liquid patent plum mahala, and LOVE it, but i don't use it daily.
    but as samantha and stinkerbelle said, i think you should definitely wait until you see the bags IRL. you may completely change your mind! i almost returned my mahala b/c i'm almost 5'2" and petite and thought the bag was too big for me...but thanks to the gals here, i decided to wait it out, and now i LOVE the bag! IMO, the maddy was a little too small under the arm b/c the widest part of the bag would fall in an awkward place for me. but try them out! you never know what might strike you! good luck and keep us posted on what you decide! :tup:
  10. Hi again ladies! Thanks so much for the many kind suggestions...I have to confess, though, that after thinking long and hard (okay...only a few hours) I realized that for the same amount for a JC, I could get a Kooba Paige I've also been eyeing, some diamond hoops I've been coveting, a new pair of AG's, some Coach boots, etc. SSSOOOOO, being the mother of five I decided to be "practical" and go for quantity rather then quality. I really appreciate your welcome and advice...hopefully I will return some day when I can justify purchasing a JC (maybe when I let my husband get his dream "sports car"). For now, I will continue to obsessively read the forum and live vicariously through all of you lovely ladies!!:heart:

  11. Yeah, wow, I dont have any kids. lol But with five, you deserve this bag. :crybaby:

    Coach makes some lovely bags that are more affordable.
  12. tamandcesar, sounds like a wise decision if there are other things you have been really wanting and this is your chance. Hey, nothing wrong with practicality just as long as your craving and temptation for the Mahala is truly gone when you have all the other goodies! Have fun and come back any time:smile:
  13. I agree with Cosmopolitan...you should get the Mahala and in the older leather.

    Good luck!
  14. I think you should follow your head and not just your heart! :tup: While, to me at least, a JC bag is veeerry hard to beat, they are pricey and it seems you could get quite a bit more "stuff" that you would really like to have for the same amount of cash. Kooba has some really cute styles, as well as Coach, and they're both well made bags for the price. :yes:

    But once you get bitten by the JC bug it's always there, waiting, until finally you will find a time that's right for you to buy a JC bag that you love! :yahoo: And when you do? We'll still be here for you to come by and show it off! :woohoo: Looking forward to seeing you soon, and enjoy your new purchases, whatever they may be! :heart:

    You know, is it just me or does it seem like the longer I'm on this forum the more smilies I use per post?? :p

  15. :roflmfao: You are just so funny!!! I was thinking the same the other day.