opinions for a newbie on leopard

  1. I have fallen for a few pairs of CL's and am definitely drawn to the leopard print. But I don't see much talked about for these too styles with the leopard. Maybe it is just that they are older styles?

    Can you give me some opinions? Do you like them? Do you like one better than the other? Can you recommend a size for me. I wear a 9 in American shoes. Do they stretch? I heard the patent don't but am not sure about the pony hair.

    Would so appreciate some input. I would love to get my first pair. I'm practically drooling everytime I look at everyone elses. CL's are the sexiest shoes I have ever seen. TIA
    sevillana.jpg cl yoyo zeppa.jpg
  2. I love leopard print! I like the shoes in the first picture better. I think it's best to size up at least 1/2 usually, so a size 39.5. =o)-
  3. I love leopard CLs :love: My favorites are the leopard No. Prive and YoYo Zeppa (the second photo). I agree with oo, I would size up a half size.
  4. thanks for your input. The only reason I hesitate is because somewhere I read that the sevillana, the 1st photo, can run TTS. Anybody have any experience to guide me?
  5. and thank you oo_let_me_see and cristina. I am nervous about getting shoes that are so much money without ever having tried them on. If I get them on eBay, I can't return them.
  6. anyone esle...?
  7. I love them both!! Either and you would be killer!!!
  8. Yes I heard the the first shoe runs true to size too because they are in the d'orsay size. The second pair I would go half size up.
  9. I have both and love them both! CL rarely does d'Orsay styles so I found it really special when he released the Sevillana in leopard pony hair. The heel height is exactly the same on both shoes and it's the same last used. The only difference is (1) the covered platform on the Sevillana vs. the uncovered platform on the Yoyo Zeppa, and (2) the d'Orsay cut on the Sevillana, which makes it run larger than the Yoyo Zeppa.

    If you're as a US 9 I'd recommend going with a 39 or 39.5 in the Sevillana, and a 39.5 in the Yoyo Zeppa.
  10. I don't know how to do a multiquote, so let me say
    cjy, thanks for the kind words
    javaboo and foxy cleopatra thanks for the sizing advice

    Cleopatra, any chance I can get you to post some modeling pics of both :woohoo:. I am so in awe that you have both of these fabulous shoes!!! Can I impose to ask a few more questions. Did you find that the pony stretch at all? Am I better if I choose the sevillana in my real size and let them stretch a little or the larger size and use an insert if necessary?

    Thanks everyone for your input. I am getting really excited to make a purchase. Just have to figure out a way to hide this from my DH. And then have to figure out which one.
  11. I really like leopard print but I am not that much into "pony" for fear that the "hair " falls out (have seen this a lot on b-bags). Now I do like the yoyo zeppas better, but that's jut because I can't do d'Orsey's I always loose them, but they are very pretty!
  12. i also love leopard print! i'd choose the d'orsay's over the VP's because they look more unique. then i'd go find a pair of black VP's because they're a must-have IMHO :smile:
  13. I love the way you think;)

    and thanks catcat for your vote!
  14. I love the leopard print CL's. I have the sevillana which I adore and as Foxy said it's rare he does the d'orsay's.I also have the VP in the more of the giraffe print. I really love the yoyo in the leopard print it's on my must have list.

    As for sizes definitely go up a half size on the yoyo's to 39.5 . If your foot is wide you might also want to go a half size up for sevillanas too. I love them both but if you have to chose the d'orsay is more unique.
  15. I love leopard CLs. The yoyo zeppa is my favorite in the leopards, perhaps because it is so rare?
    I have both pairs so my sizing recommendation is that the yoyo zeppas run about 1/2 a size to 1 full size small and the sevillanas run fairly true to size.

    I picked up two pairs of the sevillanas at the Nordstrom supersale and just returned one pair yesterday, they were a size 39 so you should try calling them because I am sure they still have them. The Paramus NJ store is closed on Sundays, but you should try first thing tomorrow. Let me know if you want my SA contact info. This way you will know which size will fit you better and you can always return to Nordies.