Opinions for a friend

  1. My best friend has inherited her grandmothers Monogram Petit Noe. It's almost vintage (circa 1988). Her grandmother died a couple years ago, so she holds the bag dear to her and wants to keep it forever. The bag is in good shape, but not all too great of shape (water spots, cracking leather, missing string). I told her she should have all the leather replaced and then have her grandmothers initials heat stamped into the strap. She thinks that would make the bag a whole new bag and it wouldn't be the same. She wanted me to post her story here to get other opinions. Should she replace the leather or not?
  2. I'd leave the bag as is. Perhaps instead of carrying the bag she would use it for something else. If it was me, I can understand the not wanting to change on thing on the bag. I'd use it on a corner of my bedroom/ or near my desk ( on it perhaps for books/ put magazines in it. This way its where she can always look at it.
  3. Ya, I agree, I would not change the leather on the Noe. If she wants to get a new bag, she might as well go ahead and buy a completely new Noe, but the one that her Grandmother left her has sentimental value:yes:

    Also, if it were me, I'd would also never use that bag anymore. I'd probably put it in our fireproof safety box lol cuz it'll be *that* special to me...
  4. I would leave it as is, just how it got passed on to her. Now if its really starting to fall apart, I would stop using and save it in a safe place like a glass box or something so I could admire it and think of her.
  5. I would also leave the bag as is... the sentimental value is soo strong
  6. i would leave as is too. the point is to keep the condition intact to remember your grandmother by. it would look great as something set out for everyone to see who visits your place. :smile:
  7. I wouldn't change it. I would keep it somewhere special and try to keep it in as good of shape as possible.
  8. Keep it as it is ...
  9. I would leave it as it is and get another Petit Noe to wear everyday!! :yes:
  10. I would not change it.
  11. yep, i agree with evryone, leave the bag as it is!!! And tell her to get a new noe xx
  12. it's best to leave it as it is, she can get another noe if she really want to use it.
  13. Keep it safe somewhere and buy another one and maybe heat stamp with something that reminds her of her grandmother?
  14. i wouldnt change it
  15. I wouldn't touch it either. It wouldn't be the same once the leather's replaced.