Opinions for 2nd purchase: CF vs. Boy


Which Chanel for my second bag?

  1. M/L black caviar with shiny gold

    6 vote(s)
  2. M/L black caviar with silver

    7 vote(s)
  3. Boy caviar with GHW

    12 vote(s)
  4. Other?

    1 vote(s)
  1. Hello TPFers! I'm hoping you can help me decide on my next bag.

    I realize everyone has different tastes, but I'm hoping you can lend your experience by giving some input.

    I have one Chanel. It's a mini from 2016; black caviar with brushed gold.

    I'd like to get another Chanel and don't foresee being able to get a third for quite some time...

    I'm 5'2/petite and have a casual lifestyle. I'm a stay-at-home mom with young kids. I've decided on caviar since it will be more carefree.

    This is what I've looked at/seriously considered (decided a jumbo is too big for me):
    - M/L flap in black caviar with shiny light GHW (is this too redundant to my black caviar brushed gold mini?)
    - M/L flap in black caviar with silver HW (I think the silver hardware is pretty, but I wear mostly yellow gold jewelry, not sure if that matters?)
    - Boy bag in black caviar with gold HW (need to do more research here, but I'm guessing the old medium would best suit me)
    - I also looked at a seasonal bag in the boutique. It was a really pretty ivory calfskin- or caviar- with silver studs... has anyone seen it? I'm guessing that if I can only have 2 Chanel handbags in my collection right now, it's better to choose something more classic like the CF or boy?

    I don't have any pics of me trying on the bags yet. I forgot to take them last time.

    Thanks so much for your input!
  2. The M/L is a classic and very different to the mini in my opinion. I match my hardware to my jewellery so always go for gold. The boy is a nice piece but I prefer the M/L - it was my first Chanel piece. Many go for it for a first Chanel - either that or a Jumbo
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  3. Hi sotto, great choices you got there, though i couldnt figure out the 4th bag. Is it the flap with the studs on it?

    Do you prefer to wear your bag crossbody? Of the options, the boy is a great bag to be worn crossbody, m/l usually hangs much higher, which i find a bit awkward for me.

    Perhaps you can drop by any boutiques & try them on to see which one suits you the best? I would choose either the boy in old medium or m/l classic in ghw.

    But if u like any of the seasonal ones, go for it. It dials down to which on you really love.
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  4. I have M/L in silver and it's my favorite bag. I love it way more than boy. Since I usually wear white gold jewelry so all my bags have silver hardware but these days I have seen people mixing jewelry and handbag hardware colors which looks great. I'd recommend M/L to u. Good Luck
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  5. The boy sounds perfect for you as it is casual and hands free...
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  6. I started off as a jumbo girl and added so many jumbos and then few maxis but after carrying them around for good couple of hours my shoulders started to hate them. Then I added m/l classic, at the time I was living in place where everyone and their grandmother had cc logo bag and I kind of started drift away from logo. Also m/l bag end up sitting in my closet cuz i wasn't able to do cross body. Then I fell in love with reissues last year and till today it's my most used and most loved bag. Boys are also popular since u can do cross body and leather strap most people find it comfortable. Even though I love the boys sometimes thick chain & boxy look get on my nervous. I spent quiet lot of money trying to figure out the bag that speak "me". Chanel marketing and their product was designed for us to spend more money. If one bag offer one thing we like but not all. All in all classic flap and boy bag designed by Karl, I decided to stick with the reissue which was originally designed by coco.
    It was an expensive & time consuming adventure.
    I think bags are totally up to your personality and see what fit your body/life style and comfort level. Who knows I may get tired of reissues too and just go back to carrying my stuff in a plastic shipping bag ha ha. GL with your decision hope you try them on and walk around the Botique and spent lot of time with them before brining it home .
  7. I think you can't go wrong with any of the choices, but since you said you need a carefree casual bag and have a casual lifestyle I'd go for the Boy Bag. It can be worn handsfree and goes with any casual outfit imo! I've seen people wear it in the evening, but it's the perfect day time bag & then the mini can be worn day to night too so you have all your bases covered.
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  8. Based on what you said about your lifestyle, I'd also recommend the Boy. I have both the M/L and the Boy, and the Boy is way better as a more "care-free" bag. I'm 5'4", and I can't wear the M/L crossbody without it looking super weird, and my shoulders kind of slope a little bit, so I always have to keep track of the M/L and make sure it's not slipping off my shoulders. It also really doesn't hold very much, so that's a bit irritating. I have the Boy in new medium, and I've found that it holds a bit more than the M/L. (I'm also a little biased, because the black caviar Boy with GHW was my very first Chanel purchase; I didn't like the look of classic flaps at the time, and the Boy was the first Chanel bag that really drew me in.)

    In terms of aesthetics, both bags are really beautiful, so you can't go wrong there!! I also mix my jewelry and hardware all the time, and I don't find it to be an issue.
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  9. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your input! I really appreciate it and found all your comments helpful! They gave me something to think about when making this purchase. I'm going to go to the boutique and take a few pics and see if I can figure out how to attach here... Thanks again!!
  10. If you were to buy only one more Chanel bag ever, then I would vote for ML classic flap. However, being a mom to a toddler myself, I have not reached for a shoulder bag in a long time. I just found with a young one running around, I needed to be hands free and cross body bags work much better for me. So my vote goes to a boy or seasonal bag that can be worn cross body (if you're looking for an everyday bag). Good luck with your decision and I'm excited for your reveal ;)
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  11. Welcome to the Chanel addict club. Lol. It only gets worse. :smile: I think the mini is a perfect mom bag since it's small and light. For me the other bags, though gorgeous, would be too bulky for me. Hate to throw in another option but have you looked at the woc? I used it nonstop when I had my second baby. It was perfect for just going outside the house everyday since I already had a diaper bag. But totally depends on your lifestyle too. I don't drive so I was walking everywhere and need hands free. Good luck and have fun choosing!
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  12. I only wear white gold jewellery only but when it comes to handbag, i prefer gold hardware. I find that it really dresses up the bag & makes the handbag just so elegant. If you intend to wear for special occasions then you can't go wrong with ghw.
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  13. I prefer m/l flap than boy! My first Chanel is also m/l flap in GHW. GHW add some luxurious feeling to the bag while SHW is more casual, depends on which style you want. Howeve, I didn't wear the m/l flap very often since it cannot carry too much, and can't be an everyday bag. I got my woc as my 2nd Chanel, i used it 80% of my weekend, it's very convenient to use!
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