Opinions-E-Ring alone or w/ W-band?

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  1. Last year I had my engagement ring re-set. I LOVE the new setting and think my e-ring looks so mic prettier alone, on my right hand instead of with my wedding band on my left hand. I think I intended to wear it alone, but was just easier to wear with my w-band. I had it cleaned the other day and fell in love with it alone. Which do you like better? I think together with the w-band you can't see how pretty and delicate it is, thoughts?
    image-4240086246.jpg image-4166168723.jpg
  2. Alone or with a band that matches the shank exactly. I don't prefer it with that band bec it's not a match.
  3. I think i prefer the e-ring by itself b/c I actually want to see the wedding band, which is probably really pretty but obscured by the ginormous rock of an e-ring you have. ;)
  4. ^+1

    I didn't even notice the wedding band in the second photo... haha
  5. LOL! The band is lovely too, it's nothing huge but its a Cartier eternity band, maybe 1.5 carats. It's my original wedding band and there is no chance of replacing it. It means a lot to me and DH would prob divorce me!!! Hahaha!
  6. Wow! Since your wedding band is a Cartier, all the more it should not be "hidden" ;p
    I will say wear both your gorgeous rings on separate hands
  7. Agree with this. I also like the ring by itself. You can wear one on each hand. :smile: love the look of your e-ring!
  8. I agree that they should be worn separatly too. Your huge rock blocks the Cartier band-needs to be seen!! Is your ring from Cartier too? Love it!!!
  9. No, the e-ring is NOT from Cartier! Cannot even fathom the cost of it there!

    Thank u!!
  10. I like it better alone too. It looks beautiful either way (your ring is amazing) but it definitely stands out more on its own.
  11. Both of the rings look like they deserve to be viewed in full. I agree for wearing on different hands :smile:
  12. Full marks for separating wedding band and ering in this scenario - they are both gorgeous, but they are stand-alone pieces IMO.

    Love love LOVE them both!! :drool:
  13. I agree. Both your ering and wedding band are stunning and they look better alone. So I think it's a good idea to wear your ering on your right hand.
  14. Thank you, thank you to everyone! Just wasn't sure if its totally weird to wear e-ring on right hand by itself, but who cares!

    Here is my wedding band, these photos are def not showing them as sparkly as they really are.

  15. I may be in the minority here but I would wear both together on my wedding finger and would even consider a matching eternity ring to sit at the other side.
    They sit so snugly together .
    Would love to see the side profile of your gorgeous E ring.