Opinions Damier Alma W/ epi shoulder strap

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  1. Need opinions. I am really trying to find the "perfect" shoulder bag, but not all of them meet everything I want. But the alma is similar in size to the speedy (I already have and love the size) but I could attach a shoulder strap in chocolate when I need it and keep it in the bag when I don't. I thought the damier was a good bag since the bottom is dark not light so I wouldn't have to worry about dirt. Opinions, especially about the shoulder strap on it!!! Anyone have a pic with a shoulder strap on an Alma?? How long is it?? Thanks!!
  2. Hmmm... I don't really care for the look of a shoulder strap attached to an Alma. There's something unnatural and clumsy about it (maybe it's just me!) I like how the Alma looks simply when carried by hand. If you are looking for a versatile shoulder bag in Damier, maybe you can consider the Saleya MM or the Chelsea. :flowers:
  3. ^ I am with you..I can't see myself having strap for speedy and alma..
    but some people are ok with that.
  4. I have seen (on the rare occasion) women who had attached shoulder straps to their Speedy, Alma, and Petit Ellipses. I thought it looked rather odd. The strap really clashed with the bag (visually).
    I wouldn't recommend attaching a shoulder strap to your Alma.
  5. Cant say I like it. Sorry:shame:
  6. I agree, I think it shouldn't have a strap.
  7. I'm not loving that idea. The alma is so oddly shaped to be lugged around with a shoulder strap IMO. Not to mention I'm not in love with the idea of mixing the two different types together.
  8. Okay, I am going to take the experts advice and say no to it then. Still on to my search for the perfect shoulder bag.........

    (Thanks for the honest opinion though....I really didn't want to get one and be disappointed or think it looked odd, I love the Alma shape but don't need another hand bag right now.)
  9. You know it's ironic.... the Ellipse and the Alma both have rings to accommodate a strap. They really do. I think they were meant for travel or to be used occasionally, because it's not their best look. You do what you need to do.
    When I travel or go through, I use a strap, for obvious reasons.MSometimes you have your hands full. It just happens. A strap is handy. Does it look beautiful, no. For old ladies with leg/hip problems, they have to. They don't think that is looks nice. If you love the bag, consider when you would need a strap. Use it, if necessary, but if you need it all the time, then consider another one.
    I went on my search for a shoulder bag. I liked the sleekness of the Tango, but they were out. Also, not big enough for most people. I like them anyway. The manager showed me a Vavin, a St. Cloud a Salsa and a Saumur. I am only 5'4 and half, so the Salsa looked too long not right. Neither was the price. I thought the St. Cloud suitable for a lady in her 70s I think they showed me a Boulogne. Not big enough. I like the Saumur, but didn't like the price. In retrospect, I think I have should have bought it, because it is even more expensive. None of the above said "Take me home, please." Most of the above are for very conservative dressers. The Salsa/Tango look more modern, they need a little more room. LV bags are beautiful, but sometimes not the most practical.
  10. IMO, it looks too "eighties" to have a shoulder strap with an Alma. What about Passy GM, Bucket or Segur MM?
  11. I have only seen that at the airport or grocery store...I forgot about the eighties thing.
  12. yeah, not a fan of the strap, especially on that size and shape bag.....it's good to have for emergencies but if you need it all the time think about something that will suit your needs better.......
  13. I love the Damier Alma but I don't like the strap - IMO, it detracts from the elegant classy lines of the bag.