Opinions: Chanel "Maxi" Flap or Birkin

Sep 21, 2010
San Ramon, CA
Which of the two do you think works best as an everyday "workhorse" carry-all. I own the Maxi and it pretty much fits all my needs, but I would love a Birkin in lieu of the Maxi (i.e. eventually part with the Maxi). Wanted to know what you ladies thought / which one would you prefer?

My apologies if this question/survey has been asked before. I tried doing a search to avoid any repetition and couldn't find the topic; if there is a prior topic, can you please direct me to the thread, thanks :smile:


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Jan 3, 2008
I own both. I have 2 Chanel Maxi flaps and just purchased my first 35 cm Birkin. I LOVE both bags but have to admit that I like that my flaps have the shoulder strap if I want to be hands free. If you can afford to have both, get both as they are totally different bags and give off completely different looks. If only one though, go for the Birkin (sorry Chanel!). It is impeccably made and if going for a 35 cm or larger, can also function well as a travel bag. Good Luck deciding! You really can't go wrong either way IMO.


May 12, 2007
They are very different bags, the maxi is a flap that you wear on the shoulder, and birkin is a tote for handheld, just decide if you would like a shoulder bag or a handheld one, it's pretty straight forward here imo.

Not sure if the price point will be an issue to be considered, a Maxi is around 3200?? A 35 birkin is slightly over 9000, so depending on what you are comfortable at the moment, it should not be difficult to make a decision.

Or as MarvelGirl suggested, if you love both and can afford them, get both, at your own pace :smile: Good luck.
Nov 16, 2010
I don't know, I'm kind of biased. anytime anyone ever says "Which is better, this ________ or a Hermes Birkin?" My kneejerk reaction will always be Birkin! LOL. I have both and I tend to baby my Chanels more than my Birkins. Go figure.

My vote is for the Birkin! :smile: Good luck deciding!


Jan 17, 2009
Even though they are very different bags I have both they are very practical but the birkin as a workhorse is a much better bag its safer stronger and generally less hurtful on the arm,you can also close the birkin with a scarf and put it over the shoulder it's just better for me I like my channel flap, with the chain tied in and I wear it as you would wear a Kelly pochette and I wear it when I need a discrete yet still important bag as an accent .hope it helps darling .birkel.


Jun 28, 2010
Birkin. Birkel is absolutely right. I too have Maxi Flaps. They do fit a lot! Wallet, magazines, some cosmetic, even a smaller laptop! But the weight w the chain is unbearable and it gets to a point when you have marks on your shoulders even under your clothing (at least I got some in the past). it is a great bag to carry when you need your hands free though (as birkel said, carried like a messenger). BUT- the birkin is, IMO, a tad more versatile. It can be a workhorse, it can be a "lunch" bag, even an evening/dinner bag- if you dress elegant w it, depending on the color of the Birkin. I would say get a Birkin, out of these two... Good luck!


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Feb 12, 2010
Kuala Lumpur
A maxi is currently 4000$ in the US and about the same price in Europe (a little less with VAT refund), and a 35 Birkin Togo/Clemence purchased in Europe is aprox. 7k and over 9K in the US . I bought the Maxi just before my first Birkin (July 2010), Since I bought the Birkin, the maxi has been seating in the closet ... I wish I had bought a jumbo or medium flap for versatility, night out etc
Both are "heavy bags" when loaded even with minimum items. Add this to Chanel price increases and questionable quality ... Can you tell where my heart goes??? Once you cross the Orange side, you won't come back :biggrin:
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Totally agree with Decrillon on Chanel increasing prices and questionable quality.. I own a few chanel flap as well as birkins in 35cm.. I tend to rotate as both are very different bags.. There will be times where i prefer hands free, i will then carry my chanel.. Most of the times, i prefer to carry my birkin as it is easier to search for my items :smile: if financial permit, you may want to consider to have both :smile:


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Oct 5, 2010
Land of Bubbechic
birkin, if you can only get one!however, ;you need both(that's the problem LOL)
chanel flap can be worn on shoulder even with heavy coat/jacket, birkin won't fit unless you are a toothpick, I am on crutches now and have to use a chanel flap (poor me, LOL), the Birkin is heavier and won't go on shoulder with crutches, only in summer with no crutches and no jacket...


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Aug 29, 2006
I had a similar question asked here last week, although I was undecided between a Chanel flap and a Kelly as formal black bag. Just to say I decided to go on with the Kelly, so I would vote for Birkin here...Hermes quality just can't be beaten