Opinions...Champagne shimmer with gold or silver?

  1. I controlled myself enough not to get the camel Talia on sale which is good because I've been really dreaming about one of the Champagne shimmer bags anyway.

    The question is:


    Do you think it's more suited to silver or gold shoes?
  2. A pale gold would look best of the two, IMHO.
  3. ^^ita
  4. Oh, get the gold!
  5. OK! the bag is on it's way....Wooo Hoo! going out with the girls on Friday, so I hope I can break it in :wlae::wlae:
  6. ohh lucky girl, great choice:woohoo:
  7. Gorgeous bag and Excellent decision :woohoo: :woohoo:

    and I totally agree with Jburgh, you must have the shoes to match:tup:
  8. Grrr.....my Choo package is out for delivery but I have to leave in two hours for most of the day and my next door neighbor is on vacation!:crybaby: