Opinions? C'est Moi booties, Leopard Ron Ron, or Trottinettes???

Which ones should I get?

  • C'est Moi booties in black leather

  • Leopard Ron Ron

  • Black Suede Trottinette booties

  • Pass on all 3 and put the card away!

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May 26, 2007
Ok, so I'm being tempted by the BG EGC event and I'm trying to buy more closed toe items since I'm living the dream in Ohio for winter. Sooooo, which heels should I buy? I don't have time to go through my whole Louboutin collection, but it's a whole closet full and lots of color AND the essentials in black and then some. :smile: I used to have leopard pony hair pigalles and sevillanas, but have let them go in the last 6 months or so.

Boots wise, I don't own any ankle boots. I'm not usually a big ankle boot person, but I'm trying to branch out.

I own the Ginervas in black leather, Alta Botta knee high boots in black leather, and Babel boots in camel suede. I also LOVE this one pair of Rene Caovilla over the knee black suede boots w/ black swarovski crystal platform (ssssh don't tell my other Louboutins). :smile:

So, should I get the C'est Moi boots in black leather, the leopard ron rons, or the black suede Trottinettes?

The only thing that really bugs me on any of the 3 above is the black elastic tab thingie on the C'est Moi booties.

Clothing wise, I wear a lot of skirts, dresses, and skirt suits. I wear trousers maybe 2-3 times every 2 weeks. lol And, my work attire is fairly conservative. I have always been one to make things fun w/ my accessories.

So, what do you all think? TIA!

And, I have to leave for a bit so I will check in later and have my NM card ready. :nogood:

Jun 12, 2008
ITA with Karwood!!! Those look SO HOT with tights!!! I don't think suede will last through an Ohio winter with the sleet and snow. Then you have to worry about the sand/salt on the street that you may have to walk through.


Jul 10, 2008
I'd choose the Leopard Ron Ron, but that's probably because my UHG is a Tiger decollette and I love things like that

If I had to choose a pair of boots I'd say the C'est Moi in Leather as I think you can wear with more outfits


where my ring at??!!
Jun 16, 2006
There's something about the Trots! Sure the suede is not the most practical for Ohio winters, but salt loves leather, too! That's why I keep an old pair of boots at my parents in Ohio for my holiday trips back home! LOL. I just see the Trots being very effortlessly chic with leggings and maybe a fabulous wrap, but also very stylish with tights and a shift dress. Hmmm ... maybe I want the Trots, too!