Opinions! Blue India or Blueberry Classique?

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  1. Pls help me decide which color my first b-bag should be...I am looking for a nice blue that will be good to wear all year long. Help!:flowers:
  2. I like blue india! Seems like it would look great with everything, especially jeans.
  3. I do love the deep color of the blueberry though...hmmmm
  4. It's really a personal preference, so it's up to you. However if it were for me (which it's not) I would be getting blue india.
  5. I'm trying to decide between those two exact colors myself...and I am leaning towards blueberry for myself! the color looks so jewelry-like and yummy! Although BI is gorgeous--have seen it myself!, Bal seems to do a lot of turquoisy colors! like the cobalt next season...dusty turquoise...! :heart: :heart:
  6. Welcome to the bbag club Shushop! :flowers: Between the two colors you suggested, I would go for the Blue India. I think it's just adorable, esp in the classique style :love:
  7. I really like that bright blue color in the new swatches best in terms of blue!
  8. I have a Day in the Blue India color and absolutely love it. BI is a beautiful color.
  9. Have you seen either IRL? Go for what makes your heart pound! For me - the blueberry classique made my heart stop the first time I saw it!

    Good luck with your decision!
  10. good advice!!!:upsidedown: :yes:
  11. I haven't seen them IRL but the pics from aloha rag are to die in the blueberry...I really wish I hadn't become recently obssessed w/ b-bags. I was spending far too much money as is!!
  12. i like blueberry :P
  13. Mmm..I like blueberry too. Never seen in IRL, but the pictures that I've seen...*drools* It looks so rich and just gorgeous.
  14. I think that blueberry will go with more things than BI.
  15. I would go for BLUEBERRY or BI!!! so HOT!!