Opinions between 2 ostrich colors

  1. Torn between two ostrich colors- Rouge Vif or Havane brown?

    Want a neutral that will wear well in ostrich. Other Hermes colors I have-- Brique in VL, Raisin in Epsom. Which would give me the most versatility? I am olive skinned and wear lots of browns, grays, wines, and navy blue and sometimes pinks.

    Love both but can only have one or I will drive myself to the poor house. Your opinions, please? BTW it is for a 30cm Birkin. Tried to fall in love with vert anis, but just doesn't work for me.
  2. I'll vote for Havane Brown. As much as I love the Rouge colours, the only bag that ever made me drool openly was a 32 Sellier Kelly in a chocolate brown ostrich. Delish.
  3. tough choice - they're both lovely! i'm leaning toward havanne, but only because brique is in the red family.
  4. I would choose Rouge Vif! I've seen this bag IRL and it is the most gorgeous bag. I'm usually not a ostrich fan, but this bag was TDF!!!
  5. I vote for Havane. Ostrich is a statement in and of itself...havane will be more useful.
  6. Havane.
  7. I have a chocolate ostrich birkin which I use a lot so I recommend Havane easily.
  8. I vote Havane. I have the Rouge Vif and never wear it. I think Havane is a richer and warmer more versitable color in ostrich.
  9. I also agree on havane! AS much as I love love H colors, I find in ostrich I love it more in the natural/darker colors....
  10. I vote for Havana too:smile: gorgeous color.
  11. Havanne. No question.
  12. Havanne -- the brown colors looks so warm and chic!
  13. Rouge Vif is hard to find. If you turn it down, would you regret it?
    Rouge Vif would tempt me.
    Either way you can't go wrong.
  14. serazo--Rouge Vif. :smile:
  15. Havanne