Opinions appreciated!

  1. I am very interested in two different bags, but would like to consider only one. Would you choose a Gerard Darel or a Tylie Malibu? Both are close in price range. Different leathers, however. My SA at NM will let me know when Gerard Darel bags comes in - so I haven't seen one IRL, only loved looking at the ones tPF members have. I've taken a look at the Tylie Malibu and love the suade black utility bag with a personalized strap. The leather is actually quite outstanding. I heard the leather is from Germany. Any thought are appreciated! TIA!:flowers:
  2. it would be more helpful if you can post pics of those bags so we can kelp you :P
  3. please load pics so we can see the goodies.:wlae:
  4. GD :smile: No, I'm not lucky enough to own one.