opinions and thoughts on this watch....please!!

  1. I'm been considering the gold Michele CSX diamond watch.
  2. I wouldn't spend my money on a Michele watch, personally. I just find them too trendy. I think of them as expensive "fashion" watches... Just my opinion.
  3. i wanted to bump this up...i cant believe no one here has this watch
  4. LOVE that watch!!! I almost got the same one last year, but don't wear enough gold to justify it. But it is stunning!
  5. i like it a lot! i have a michele watch and really enjoy it.
  6. I love Michele watches, they are stylish and reasonably priced. Get it!
  7. I agree...to me they are too trendy for the cost.
  8. I enjoy my Michele watch, and it's fun to get some extra bands for a change.
  9. I ordered a Michele watch for myself for Christmas - the Urban Skye diamond watch with an elephant-colored alligator band, but I was disappointed in it. I loved the idea of different watch bands, but couldn't talk myself in to keeping it. It just didn't look worth the money. So I returned it. Here it is:

  10. Hi! Just to throw in my opinion, I have the Michele watch and it is all I wear.....I hardly put on my Movado, Gucci.....I had wanted a Rolex for years but now don't even crave it....this watch is classic and yet youthful/trendy. I caught mine on sale and it really made all the difference to justify the price. I got my watch at a jeweler's called Browning & Sons in HInsdale, Il....give them a call and see if and when they might be running a sale. I got mine in the Spring.....If you get it, you won't be disappointed.....
  11. which one did you get?
  12. I love the CSX in silver, but I'm not a huge fan of gold so I don't wear much of it. But if you wear enough gold, get it! Changing the bands are so much fun.