Opinions and Recs for Smashbox please!

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  1. Hi All

    Just wondering if anyone uses Smashbox makeup or brushes here? I'm looking at investing in some new brushes and make up, trying to 'streamline' my collection!

    Thanks ....
  2. Smashbox is my staple line. I mix in a little Bare Escentuals, and lately lots of Bobbi Brown, but I love Smashbox. The only thing I haven't loved is their mascaras, but their lash primer is fabulous with any mascara. There are some specific reviews in the Reviews/Review Requests thread (it's a sticky at the top of the Beauty Bar), so that might help!

    My favorite products are: Halo Hydrating Powder (only on QVC right now), brow tech, lash primer and the sugar lip scrub - I'll probably never give up those 4 things. I also love the eye colors and the Jet Set eyeliner.

    Almost all of my brushes are Smashbox and I love them. There may be better ones out there, but I've been very happy with the ones I have. I probably have at least 15.
  3. I use the smashbox foundation primer and I love it!
  4. I lightly fill in my lips with their lip pencil Pro, and the put Elegant lipstick over the top. Its the perfect nude lip color!!
  5. I love their primer as well. Nothing else comes close!!

    The girls at Sephora told me Smashbox foundations aren't that great - so I stuck with Clinique... I haven't tried any of the foundations b/c of that. Maybe someone else will have some ideas for you.
  6. I have some Smashbox eyeshadows, a palette, a softlights blush, some lipsticks, glosses, a lipstick pencil and this all over shimmer stuff. I love them all! The only thing I've tried that I hated was their primer, but it's very popular and tons of people love it. I also have a big Smashbox kabuki brush, which is my absolute favorite out of the 2 dozen brushes I use! :tup:
  7. I only use the concealer stick and the primer+SPF
  8. Thanks girls! There are obviously a lot of SB fans around!
    The brushes seem to get good reviews on MUA. The things I have my eye on at the moment are a set of brushes, brow tech, cream eyeliner, primer and some eyeshadows. I really want to improve my skills of eye make up and think one of the SB pallettes may help.
    Any other suggestions?
  9. i use smashbox eyeshadow religiously. it's my go-to brand. their colors are perfect, texture is creamy - not dry. i switched to smashbox after discovering MAC shadows were drying out my lids.

    i don't use smashbox brushes since i have the sephora brush collection.
  10. I mix smashbox artificial light into my normal moisuturizer (not sb) for a little 'glow'. It gives just the right amount, not too much but enough to notice a difference when I don't use it.

    Haven't tried any of there other products but I am a bit promiscuious when it comes to make-up brands so I'm sure I'll try more of their products in the future
  11. I love their eyeshadows, especially the matte ones. I really like the softlights too.
  12. big fan of the photo finish light primer
  13. i love the photo finish primer light! i thought primers would make my face look fake, but this one is really nice.
  14. Thanks for this thread, I was just about to make a new one, lol. I have a question for Smashox ladies: What are your opinions on the O Glow blush/bronzer?? I'd love to get a dewy glow like Jennifer Lopez has with her makeup. Only my skin is oily so I wonder if I can pull it off as I use mattifying stuff more... My skin is prolly the same as hers as well. Recommendations, opinions all welcome!
  15. I love photo finish and their lip scrub. I do have several of their shadows, which I find can get a bit overly powdery, but I do like them. I have several of their brushes, some full sized and a set that was the Norstrom Aniversary Sale set 2 years ago. I don't like the brushes quite as much as I like my platinum Sephora or Mac, but they are nice brushes, especially if you can get a set. They have been having alot of gwp on the website too.