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  1. Ok. I'm so bad - I'm sitting here anticipating my next purschase, which I have decided will be the legacy shoulder tote in suede. However, I'm torn about the color - while I think the charcoal is certainly much more neutral and would go with basically everything, but I really LOVE the plum. I know the plum won't match with everything I own, but right now I feel like I'm in a color rut of sorts with my bags - everything I own is more or less neutral, so I feel like I should branch out. Actually the only thing I wear that the bag truly wouldn't go with at all would be my red leather blazer, but I don't wear that every day and I do rotate my purses. Any thoughts?

    Also, do you think I could still use suede protectant on it even though it has leather trim (I hope that question isn't too dumb!)?
  2. Plum!
  3. Actually lol I like the charcoal better. Looks sharp.
  4. willowsmom - I know how you feel, I'm the same way! But if you have other black bags that will go with everything, I think you should go ahead an branch out with the plum!
  5. Since most of your bags are neutral, I'd go with the plum.
  6. I use my protector and my bag has leather trim also. I would go for plum.
  7. Plum!
  8. Plum!!!!

    Plum is beautiful and great for the fall. :love:
  9. I would go with the Plum!