Opinions Again, Please!

  1. your input was awesome the first time, so i'm back for more opinions! are any of these stellinas worth keeping? i got a good deal ($79), so i picked some up. i just want a good looking one. i have a pirata BV, so i already have all the characters. it's amazing how different the bags look, even giving a different "vibe" depending on the cut of the fabric. oh, and bag 1 and 2 have the darn blurry fabric but only on the bottom. i don't think that bothers me too much since you don't really see it all that much. so, what do you all think?
  2. oops, should i keep one?
  3. wow the first one's back looks pretty cool
    it's like, such a complete scene? haha weirdd
    so many characters, i love it :]
  4. You should keep one!!!
    I like the 2nd one best and it is brighter, I think.
    That was such a deal too....maybe I should take one from you :p
  5. I like the #1 & #3.. ..Hmm.. # 3 more !
  6. Oh my goodness if you ever feel like selling that third one for close to what you got it for, care to..uh, keep me in mind?

    As far as good scene placement, I think the 2nd is the best!
  7. I think I like number three best, it's less repetitive than the others? Hmm.
  8. yes, #2 and #3 are brighter. the picture doesn't show so good, but #3 kind of shows a lot of pink, blue and yellow on the front. #1 is much more subdued except for the orange crab.
    i know, sugarshweet, you really can't beat the back of bag #1. super centered!
    maro888, i really only got a deal on one bag, but all the tags are the same and from the same store. i was only able to use my coupon on one.
  9. i really really LOVE the back of #1. it's pretty awesome placement. I would keep either 1 or 2
  10. totallyyy :yes:
  11. i like #3 because it showcases the pirate monkey which is my favorite character on that bag =P...i love the back of 2 though =P
  12. I like #1 and #3
  13. I'd keep number three because the colors are great!
  14. #1 cuz the mermaid girl is on there more than once! and the back of 1 is pretty awesome :biggrin:
  15. The back of #1 the front of #3 - isn't that the way it always is ?