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  1. Here are pictures of the missing zipper pull and the scratch. The scratch does not come up clear because of the reflection.

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  2. I have negotiated a partial refund before because of conditions which was not stated in the auction. I wrote to the seller very nicely that I was disappointed about the condition of the purse and I could return the purse for a full refund or I might decide to keep it if I could get a partial refund. I have retuned the bag without negotiation one time because the condition was not acceptable at all. So if you are willing to keep it if you get the partial refund, why not try. I know it is upsetting to receive a bag and disappointed about it but keep your emotions out of the negotiation and treat like a business transection or something YKWIM. It's easier that way. Good luck.:heart:
  3. i would try for a partial refund :smile:
  4. Hi! I've gotten in touch with the seller and so far she has been good. She is acceptable to my suggestion that I buy the zipper pull here and she refund me the amount. She asked me to let her know once Chloe reverts on the quote.

    Went to Chloe today. They said that they do not have the zipper pull for Betty but if I want a zipper pull used for Bay, it can make an order from Paris on my behalf. For today, they gave me a zipper pull from Saskia at no cost. I thought that's ok.
  5. that sounds fair. Make sure you keep all your emails from chloe about the zipper pull. If you ever wanted to sell the bag, the saskia zipper pull could be explained & backed up with proof.
  6. Hi! I am considering the Ethel Hobo Bag on the chloe.com website (Spring 2010 Lookbook). I have corresponded with the Chloe store in NY to determine the dimensions but the bag seems huge. I have a Heloise Tote and a classic heloise bag but would like something different in black. Does anyone have this bag? If you have any pictures of you holding the bag, I would love it. I am short and even though I always wear heals, I worry about it being too large. Chloe boutique returns are store credit only and we do not have a Chloe in PA.
  7. I would call Nordstrom. They carry Chloe bags and might have that style. They also have a liberal return policy.
Thread Status:
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