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  1. Hey ladies!! I just purchased a Chloe Milton bag off eBay and I was wanting to register it online. The serial number is the one that is heat-stamped on the tab inside the inside pocket correct? (not the number on the hologram on the back of the tag?) Thanks so much in advance for your help!
  2. bear22bear - Hi there - the number which is stamped - is the actual datecode. The number which you should be looking at is the one on the hologram sticker inside the bag - which will correlate to the hologram sticker on the plastic Registration Card.:smile:
  3. Hello Ladies!

    Would appreciate some help. My boyfriend bought me a choco paraty for xmas....except I already have one! I also have the ocean and almond front pocket and black python. I can only do an exchange and need some help with what to exchange it with.

    Here are the 2 options


    The paraty is from the summer collection and hasn't arrived in store yet. I think it is a waxed calfskin in old pink. what do you think of the different colour trim?

    The python Elsie is in the store. It is nearly double the price of the paraty but I tried it on and it is a lovely bag. My worry is that it isn't a classic. I don't want to spend all that money on something that I won't love forever.

    Please help!!
    Thanks so much x
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    Hi all,
    I am ready to splurge - I really have to be careful in the new year though I have spent enough to buy a brand new car better than the one I own. So I am only allowing myself to buy one of these bags on my wish list.
    I like this Heloise:

    Or this Kira:

    The price difference in AUD is around $650 - I keep telling myself to go with the cheaper option (kira) because I am already waiting on a pair of Chloe shoes and MJ shoes (and Im looking to buy a pair of CL simple 70's in the next 2 days) not to mention about $600+ worth of clothes from various places. But I just love that heloise as well, its just a bit different and stands out more to me both colour and style wise.

    Anyone have any opinions on both bags or what you think is the best choice? You can see in my sig below I have 3 black bags and one pink. But I am a bit concerned about the price difference - I guess I want to see if the heloise is worth it!

    Thanks in advance
  5. get the heloise! its such a lovely colour!
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    Hi ladies,

    I'm considering buying my first Chloe bag - the heloise hobo. I think it's from resort 09 and called honey or nutmeg...I'm not sure, but it's on NAP. Does anyone know?

    chloe heloise hobo.jpg

    I'm looking for a tan/light brown bag that I can use everyday including for uni, so I'd have to be able to carry an A4 pad of writing paper, a couple of books, water bottle, small umbrella, purse, keys, and some of my other usual stuff. I know it's big enough, but do you think it'd look to big on me as I'm only 5"2?!

    Also I was searching around on the forum and read that some ppl had their straps break after using them for a little while...:shocked: with a lot less than what I'm planning on carrying. Do you think it's worth paying full price for if it's going to break? What are chloe repairs like? Especially if I bought it from NAP and not a boutique or concession?

    What's the leather like too? Is it hard to maintain the gloss and keep it from getting dirty? Does it look good full and with not much in it?

    TIA! :smile:
  7. I wouldn't use a heliosie hobo as a book bag. I don't think it could handle that much weight.
  8. oh that's a shame. thanks kissp
  9. The large hobo is just not sturdy enough for heavy books or heavy items. Maybe a paperback or two would be fine. It's roomy and great for some overnight things, like a sweater and scarf. I don't think the handles could take heavy things.
  10. Hi Ladies, I am over the moon with my new calfskin chloe paraty.
    I just think it's so perfect and jsut a very good design for me since I love a messenger type bag where I can just cross it whenever I'm bored carrying it with the handle.
    I'ts just a lovely bag. Do you think it'll be a classic? I'm terrified it'll end up like paddington, but I remember I didn't like paddy when it first came out. So I'm hoping paraty will be a classic. would you all agree?
  11. If you like it does it matter if it goes "out"?
    I still like my paddington although I dont use it as much and I only started liking them because they werent the in thing anymore. If you like it, it shouldnt matter.
  12. Completely agree Jaime!!:heart:
  13. Hi ladies,
    I am considering purchasing this bag, it's TDF. My concern is the cream leather. Does anyone own one, or another Chloe cream leather bag? Is it hard to keep clean? Does the leather clean up well if you are careful with it? I don't own any other Chloe purses, so I have no experience with their leather and don't know if it cleans well.

    TIA ;)
  14. Hi! I recently bidded and won a Chloe Betty on ebay. But the condition of the bag is really wanting, especially the missing zipper pull. (see enclosed link)


    I am not the type of buyer whereby I demand for a partial refund by finding fault with the seller but the missing zipper pull really bothers me. I just called Chloe. They are able to indent a zipper pull from Paris and ship it here to me. But But I like to know if it is reasonable for me to demand that the seller refund me the amount charged by Chloe when I purchase the zipper pull from them?
  15. namie - I am so sorry this happened to you :hugs:

    I, too, am not the type of buyer who "looks for fault" or is quick to complain about an item I buy on eBay. However, given the number and nature of the things wrong with this bag - I think you are well within your right to either (i) return it for a full refund (this depends on how bad you want it and whether getting the zipper pull from Chloe will make you happy with the bag) or (ii) request a partial refund (not just for the shipping for the zipper pull - for the amount that you feel you would have paid had the Seller fully disclosed the actual condition of the bag, vs. what you paid based on his/her inaccurate description. I would be polite, but firm in my initial request (as opposed to demanding a refund) and see how they respond. If that doesn't work, you can escalate. Of course, just my $0.02. Whatever you decide, tpf girls are on your side! Good luck and let us know how everything goes!
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