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  1. #1 Feb 8, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2009
    OK ladies - as there are multiple Threads asking 'What do you think?', 'What colour?', 'What about?' - I'm opening this Thread in order that you can post these questions here - and not have constant Threads started basically looking for advice, help, information, thoughts etc. Can I remind you - if replying to a particular post - you 'quote' the original post.

    Please post any questions re opinions etc., here. Any Threads opened in these veins will be deleted and moved here.

    Thanks for your co-operation.

  2. Great idea :idea:!
  3. I desperately need your opinions fellow Chloe lovers!!

    Is the chloe paddington going out of fashion?? Here in Australia it is virtually impossible to find an authentic Paddington bag these days. I am absolutely in love with my paddington collection and I am continuing to try to expand it. But after spending a small fortune on my bags over the last year, I am being told they are something of the past and no longer the fashion must haves they once were.
    This breaks my heart :sad:!! Please tell me it isn't so??
  4. Mishk - Hi there - well the paddy - its still available - but Australia doesn't have as many stores carrying Chloe - as say the US. For me - the paddy hasn't ever been a bag of choice - but its a personal thing. I feel its been over-produced and although its been 'tweeked' in many ways, with additions of different hardware/materials etc., its purely and simply still going because its a money earner for Chloe.

    I'm posting a link to the Aussie Girls Thread too - in there you'll find links to stores which are carrying Chloe -


    Hopefully too - more girls (the ones who LOVE the paddy) will come and give their thoughts.
  5. It seems a couple of Aussie girls have been told by SA's that the Paddington is out of fashion - i still think it's down to personal taste - my bag love started with the Paddington but has since moved on and while i still have a few they are only colours and styles that i love and quite hard to come by now - i like the rarer bags...I am certainly no longer on the look out for newer Paddingtons - while i think they will always be considered classic, they would have been better off only producing them for a couple of years - some of the variations are downright ugly imo! There are quite a few Aussie girls regularly on this forum, i'm sure they will be able to help you in your search!

    Lescoy certainly has an undying love for the Paddington!:graucho::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  6. its funny IMO the paddy is still in!
    there are not many in australia, but if you like them you can easily buy one from over seas!
    its personal taste. i love them!!
  7. sianii11 - You know me - love the paddy :nuts: I've a closet full of them - they share it with the 'dolls' :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: oh, and pins:graucho:
  8. lol Lescoy.

    I lusted after a paddy for many years. Mainly thinking that they were outwith my financial reach, until I reached a time in my life where I started to put myself first and thought I deserved to treat myself. My first Paddy was my Muscade Paddy which although I never use her something makes me keep her. I have rehomed the other ones I bought but I think there will always be a place to the Chloe Paddington bag.
  9. I found a scratch on the leather and while trying to get rid of that, I put some coach moisturizer on the bag and let it sit there without rubbing it into the bag. The scratch made the area lighter than the rest of the bag and now with the moisturizer it is DARKER than the rest of the bag!!!!
    Is it supposed to dry up and return to the lighter colour or is that darker stain there forever?:crybaby:
    HELP !!!!!!!!!
  10. oh god, i really dont know what to suggest!?? hopefully someone will be able to help.
  11. have you tried "buffing" the moisturiser with a soft clean cloth? Some moisturisers you have to work into the leather as you apply them, and then buff it afterwards, it helps to avoid too much product concentrated in one spot.

    The only other thing I could think of would be to let it dry for a day or two - see if the leather returns to it's original colour once the moisturiser has completely soaked in? :shrugs:

    Let us know how it goes:yes:
  12. ok everyone, just got my 05 loaf, to find that it has 3 small pen marks! things like this bug me, but its such a rare bag im willing to see if i can sort this out myself!

    heres a pic
  13. ^^ Magic Eraser is meant to take ink out - but personally I wouldn't try it. Especially on this colour and leather. You could try the Furniture Clinic - contact them and see if they have a product which may remove the ink - alternatively - the can remove ink from Chloe - I've seen a paddy which had a rather large ink mark - and when it was returned - it was absolutely pristine -

  14. really thanks so much.x
  15. ooo they have a ink remover looks really effective????
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