opinions about wallets...

  1. whats your thoughts on the mono zipped compact wallet or the mono zipped purse. Keep in mind I dont carry alot of cc's. Thanks:heart:
  2. I like the longer styled wallets. Even if you don't use many cc's, you can still use the slots for other cards like Petsmart, Albertson's, etc.
    But any LV wallet would be smashing!
  3. i think the longer styled wallets are really elegant and classy. (:
  4. I like the compact wallet but I'm afraid it's not so comfortable because of the zip all around it. I like porte billets (billford) - how do you call it? I think it's more practical, also than PTI. But it's matter of use, I always carry and prefer small wallet
  5. I like the Monogram Canvas Zipped Purse... :biggrin: