Opinions about using Trading Assistants

  1. After much debate and a night's loss of sleep, I want to use eBay instead of consignment shops to sell off some off my practically unused handbags that were impulse buys. I only used eBay once so my feedback is literally one positive and i just can't buy any more things right now which would build up my feedback.

    I thought of using a drop off store but the ones in my area don't sell handbags, rather more electronics and furniture.

    What do you think of trading assistants? How much of a commission do they usually charge and what other kind/amount of fees would i expect to pay to have someone else sell my stuff for me?

  2. Hi, I actually I'm non-US but I really interest with your question :smile: I've fam in Colorado ( may you know it? ) and they asked me they usually use isoldit as TA. I ever saw isoldit auctions and I think they provide about TA & fees, good luck with your bags
  3. Anw, are you looking to re-sell LV?
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  5. I used a TA to sell a couple of bags and was very happy. I found someone local, so we met and discussed options and her fees. I paid her listing fees and on top of that the commission was 20%--that percentage depended on the value of my items. she took care of the pics, let me approve the listing, and she handled the shipping, payment, etc. So I was extremely happy.

    I had one unsatisfactory experience with one of those drop-off eBay places and it was a waste of time. they are interested in quantity, not the quality of their listings.
  6. i'd rather sell myself. as long as you have a receipt or proof of auth, go for it and make all the cash for yourself. why lose sleep hun?
  7. i lose sleep b/c i've never sold before and you don't know who to trust on ebay after hearing countless horror stories. my friends said i should try to sell my items myself.
  8. i am a TA but really, i only sell for one person because when she emailed me I knew of her because we're in the same industry. I take 30% of the selling price plus she pays all listing, ebay and pp fees. I might raise this if i ever sell for anyone else because it's so much work- most of the other TAs or drop offs take a flat 50% and include fees.

    If I were you i would look under TAs on ebay and find one near you that sells the same things you want to sell. then research research reseach their fb.

    my client started me out selling clothes. her stuff was not the usual type of stuff i sell but it started doing well, then she moved me into selling her jewelry which has done GREAT. Who knew?
  9. I am an ebay TA-I agree that searching to see if there is someone local might be a solution-but, you know, if you follow all the good sense threads here, it's easy to do-however, if you are only going to sell high-end, brand items and you want quick turnover, from what I read these days I would seek someone else out-you might get caught in the VERO business-good luck!